(!!! Life: the active situational model on the cell membrane, equipped with a polypeptide-nucleinic technology. !!!)
Leo Polishchuk, Yulia Polishchuk Oscillation resonance in cell signaling and control (hypotesis). Digest of International Internet Conference of the III International Scientific and Practical Forum (London, March 25 - April 5, 2018), pp. 124-125. ISBN 978-1-911354-37-6 - pp. 124-125.

The “polypeptide-nucleic-acid technology” (a technological database written in a triplet code of four nucleotide letters on a DNA carrier is implemented through an RNA-input-output device in a polypeptide interface), which underlies life on Earth, is unusually perfect (although degenerate …) and, undoubtedly, has been just as perfect since the appearance of the first living beings on Earth*. This circumstance requires the recognition that the peptide-nucleic acid technology was somewhere, sometime, developed by someone, standardized and developed to the highest level, and when it got to Earth, it “ran wild” and began the process of degeneration under de- evolutionary influence of “natural selection”

*According to data from many sources, the first living things on Earth were bacteria. No prebacterial forms have yet been found.
Вот, на  вскидку:
So, polypeptide-nucleic nano-technology, which is present in all living organisms on Earth, is the oldest and most effective engineering development. Accordingly, logically, the hypothesis about the “evolution” of the polypeptide-nucleic technology, both from “spontaneous” and “created” primitive replicators, to the complex-perfect “crown of creation” or “crown of evolutionary selection” loses its meaning. In accordance with this consideration, logically, those who developed the polypeptide-nucleic technology are of interest. What remains the most important thing in a cell if proteins and nucleic acids are removed from it? What remains is the membrane. What is a membrane? This is a structured system of electromagnetic fields that make up the membrane molecules. In such a structured membrane, presumably, a special field formation is created in the system of electromanite fields of atoms, where an active sitational model - “Natural Intelligence” develops. Here, apparently, such a highly organized “State” of an electromagnetic field formation in a structured membrane created that polypeptide-nucleic super-technology. It is logical to assume that such subjects do not replicate, but are initiated again in a specially synthesized structured membrane, after which they are brought up and trained.

Thus, DNA is only an analogue of “external memory”. RNA - together with ribosomes and the enzymatic translation system - is a “reading device”. B-lymphocytes also have a “recording device” that modifies the code of the V-fragment. But analogues of the “Central Processing Unit” (CPU) and “Random Access Memory” - no one knows where! Many are looking for them, but usually in proteins, the so-called. “proteomics” ( It is very likely, however, that the CPU is in a structured membrane; and “Random Access Memory” - the main part - in the membrane, the service part - in membrane proteins. So, logically, based on the above definition of the Polypeptide-nucleic acid technology, a concept is built, according to which a “living organism” is the union of an ancient membrane-like developer (”Membranoid”!) And its technological offspring - the “Polypeptide-nucleic-acidical” technological complex.

And multicellularity is also an engineering development, only not so ancient. Once upon a time, unicellular organisms united into a multicellular organism ( How did they assess the situation and make decisions? Apparently, just like we do now, by the method of collective brainstorming. And to this day, we sometimes think this way in responsible situations. Tasks are distributed among neurons, but the resulting model is provided to each participant in the process (presumably, individual neurons of the ascending reticular formation). This means that Natural Intellect is present in each such neuron! So, if the consciousness in Natural Intellect is “an active situational model on the electromagnetic field of a structured cell membrane”, then by hanging the membrane with oscillation sensors, studying the structure of this membrane, you can reproduce it and understand the basic principles of the process. It is very possible that effects such as “self-awareness” are special properties of the electromagnetic field. By reproducing this membrane structure, summing up the input-output systems … it will be possible to create conditions for the reproduction of these phenomena. In general, the question will be whether we are doing Artificial Intelligence, or reproducing Natural Intelligence. And yet … what’s the difference?

Автор блога Spacenoology

Lev Polishchuk, Kyiv 2009

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