4. Amazon of Sea

- Ue Uiiu!
- Yes, Master Eo Iu! ..
- Why Iia Uiiu crying?
- It’s because I was bitten by her! .. … Because she’s naked swim near the boat, and my husband could see it …
- Well, my husband, too, could see it! And even if I saw … Though, hmmm … Well, more so do not do, and ask forgiveness. Iia dragged us shrimp eels in heavy cages for 4 miles and was about to sail back! And the dress she had not yet connected - it has not yet developed glands! She’s not my fault.
- Oh, what have I done … swim sorry … My poor little sister! Ue Uiiu swum to cry Iia Uiiu.
- Forgive me, please! I was so angry!
- I’m not crying because … If I marry, it will become the same evil to friends like you … and cry because I have not soon will have these glands, and I can not tie dresses, and when we were sailing to Australia, then I can not bare to go for a passport!
Now both roared the little mermaid, but as they said before that in English over the water, then a roar resounded far above the ocean surface.
- Hey, what was on the Reva early in the morning? Ue Uiiu!
Both mermaid dived, swam to the boat and looked out of the water.
- Master Eo iu! In Iia Uiiu a long time will not pay, but as she goes to Australia to receive citizenship Nude?
- Hmm, yes, indeed. It is necessary that they all had dresses. And not just any dress, and special uniforms. Like Ue Ooi when she was with us in Undin-Town. Today, these loans! It is necessary that those who have pieces of iron, knit dresses from their webs, and the rest collecting them food. But you first need to explain to everyone what we want to connect! Dress with shoulder strap, with all sorts of pockets, folded the hood, belts, rope, twine mesh-bag …
- We might go all going!
- No, we will sail with the Iia, and Ue remain on the yacht!
- But I also want a dress tie!
- Nothing, have time!
Thus began the preparation pikaia’s “Army of Clones” for the trip to Australia. Supplying the army with knives - knives comfortable with cords on the handlebars - Manfred involved with Sam via the Internet, and Peter and Suzanne in Europe helped to organize the financing of the Projects from the European fraternities. This question is moved, two hundred and fifty thousand knives were swimming in containers on a cargo ship from Rostock in the Atlantic. However, training the army of mermaids have been impossible without the Queen Ue Ooi - the only military expert from the Cambrian. Caroline Ue Ooi with Pierre, with difficulty escaped from the “embrace” the many new friends in Germany, after reading a few lectures on the new theory of “macro-devolution, arrived in Paris, returned to the rental Peugeot and purchased airline tickets to Florida for Three days before departure. On this day, Ue Ooi refused to have anything banned and Pierre. - What happened to Kari? I’m very hungry! - I want to, but today there is nothing impossible. Somehow I know it. Pierre’s aunt in the morning did not respond to telephone calls, rang at the door of the house, but no one answered. Neighbors reported that Aunt Tereza left earlier in the day and have not yet returned. Decided to stay in gotele the lake and went there on foot. Nearby, fireworks thundered out there somewhere was crowded, but in a deserted park at the lights near the fence of a large mansion waiting for them five strong men. At the gates of the mansion glittered water droplets watered plants, and outside the fence were blooming in the artificial pond of lotuses and Victoria Regii.
- Here come our newlyweds. Next we travel together!
Pierre wrung his hands, but Ue Ooi pulled away and rolled over, reached lawn at the gate, wet hands on the wet plant.
- Hey, fish, let no tricks!
Two held Pierre, three stood at the underlying Ue Ooi. Leg replaced by a tail.
- Take it! - Leaning toward the mermaid, one of the bandits tried to catch his hand. Two seconds and a hundred-pound man was knocked down, ballanced on the caudal fin, thrown over the fence right into the lotus pond. Behind him there too jumped wicked Undine. After three seconds of the pond there was a splash and then heart-rending cries of the bandit. Holding the Pierre distracted by what is happening, weakened grip, he managed to escape, and one of the states was knocked down. Two other newly seized Pierre’s hands, and the third set sights to beat him down. So Pierre for five seconds diverted attention, and Ue Ooi, quickly select from a pond, was flying in a jump over the fence back a spent knocked Bandit poised for kick. There was a sound of impact and the crunch of bones. The other two threw Pierre and steel was in a rack, but Ue Ooi bounced back, stretched out horizontally, and gently touched them both. Rank - two jerking figure fell from a wet lawn. Bandit shot down at first, Pierre, rubbing his jaw and ran to the car was standing some distance from the trunk and took out a rapid-firing gun. Pierre ran for him. Automatic fire, Pierre shuddered and fell, and then again started to rise again … springing Ue Ooi flew towards the gunfire and severe blow of the tail fin is smeared on the gangster car. Re-crunching bones upon impact …
- Kari … It is necessary that no one died … all those moving, and this seems to be not breathing …
- Yeah … Now!
Troy, knocked down a mermaid, stealthily crawl to the side. fourth, holding the buttocks, tried to climb over the fence. Ue Ooi leaned over the shooting, assessed the damage. Multiple rib fractures, clavicle, tears, abdominal bleeding, but my heart beats and weak breathing … Send wounded nearly half of creative mezenhimocites with the satellites. Then looked up at him. Pierre clamped his hands on his stomach wound. Shot in the stomach, liver, kidney wounded, bleeding cavity. Injured “are incompatible with life,” said Dr. …
- What have I done! I saved this bastard, and we are with you now! Ue Ooi gave the job almost all the remaining kompetentocites, sending them to the morpho-genetic field, Pierre. She herself was shot through the heart and damaged lungs.
- Pierre, we need to get out of here as soon as possible. I punched the right atrium, I constricted the edge of wounds and the blood is almost out, the valves are closed there, but blood supplies via commissure passes through the pulmonary circle … I do not have enough oxygen, it is difficult to drag you now, there are no forces … try to move myself!
- Kari, you gave your life to me and this freak!
- Within an hour you will be out of danger, try to return them to me if you can. Simply compatible lesions - cells themselves crawling back … I hold out an hour, then I do not know, it’s a very difficult lesson - spastic wound holes in the heart muscle …
Ue Ooi looked at Pierre and tried to understand how he keeps for such injuries and how to stop abdominal bleeding? Since then, as she gave him a generous portion kompetentotsitov - just for prevention - was much more than two weeks!
- Come on, I get up! - Pierre managed to get up and walked slowly next to the small bouncing Ue Ooi to the house of one actor, a friend of Aunt Terezy. Before that, Ue Ooi took the gun and threw over the fence into a pond with lotuses. After a hundred yards Pierre lost consciousness and fell. Ue Ooi dragged him, as she could to the house, to which was about three hundred meters, then left on a bed in the dense plants and went away, bouncing around herself, then fell down and crawled, and then … owner of the house, full of elderly people with the same old friend returning home and saw Ue Ooi.
- Help me, Pierre! This is the same Ue Ooi, a mermaid from the Cambrian, the wife of our Pierre Cartier!
- Yes, monsieur, are assigned to your house!
- Take the tail, and I’m under the hand! Elderly Pierre caught a mermaid in the middle of the tail, and friends carried it into the house.
- Monsieur Gerard, the guests did not split!
- Yes, I think one of them a doctor.
- No, no, he only acted in the role of doctors in one show!
Ue Ooi was laid on the couch. Those present were busy, not knowing what can help.
- Lord, do not call an ambulance - they are no help – Ue Ooi said through force - look for my husband, Pierre Cartier, he stayed in a bed!
- In a flower bed, there are several of them at the mall! Ue Ooi was again in a swoon.
- Open a window!
Wounded Pick felt death approaching. Re-flashed in the mind images of larval childhood, war, school, Cambrian college … work, figures diplomats pikaias’s and spriggin’s …, Adelaide, Sydney, Pacific Ocean, the new mermaid, Pierre, … In the Sargasso Sea waiting for her! You can not die!
- Pieeeeerre! - Ue Ooi shouted a last effort. Scream echoed through the open window far into the district, and heard him Pierre, who has looked about in search of Ue Ooi.

- Pierre, my dear, come quickly to my house to your Carolina! She said that only you can save her!
- Yes, Monsieur Gerard, I instantly! - Pierre almost running.
- Waters, let wash your hands!
Pierre nearby, so he already combines sores on their hands …
- Pierre, you …
A small army moved back into the body Ue Ooi. But that is, cells are much greater than it was! As part of a small army crawling, clinging to the creative mezenhimocit’s competent cells of the immune system by Pierre! Death receded, Wehe Douglas smiled.
- Pierre, tell me in your family has been a mermaid?
- I do not know. Why?
- Your body’s immune cells to be extremely intelligent.
- Interesting! Tell me please, why so ugly that howled in the pond?
- I bite him in the buttocks, and my teeth formic acid … - … - It has remained since early childhood, after the war.
- Kari … brush your teeth … :)
- Well, cleaner, of course … wait a couple of hours!
On a mobile Pierre received a message from Peter Schwartz: - “do not fly an airplane, we are in trouble, turn off CellPhones.
- Kari, it seems that we are pursuing. To turn off cell phones and not use the Internet. Flights can not take, and get to the Sargasso Sea will have a different way.
- What else? - I do not know. But first we must get out of France. Ask the advice of Mr. Gerard …
- Monsieur Gerard, attack us is not just. It seems that my wife is of interest to someone on her prey. We need to leave France, what would you advise us?
- Even a complete idiot would understand that you have a problem. I’ll try to help you! An hour later, with a minor, has not yet come to himself after being wounded Ue Ooi and Pierre climbed into the back seat of an SUV Gerard and among cars of other guests had left the courtyard mansion. Monsieur Gerard himself was behind the wheel, even with them gone, Mr. Hugh, who had to before returning to the U.S. drive into Oxford. Decided to go to England through the tunnel.
- Monsieur Hugh travel and mit us. He is tall, and we have ample car - he does not have bend down my head.
- Thank you, Monsieur Gerard. By the way, just call me James.
- Very nice, Dr. James! - Pierre said. - I wonder who and what of us need?
- Wondered aloud Ue Ooi.
- Yes, it’s interesting. Well, first of all, the rich billionaires who gather at a different exotic
- Gerard pondered version - some kept private zoos. Mermaid - a very valuable and coveted object of such collectors!
- Yes, but I - an Australian citizen, criminals do not need anyone, and the collectors even more so.
- You are mistaken. There are some collectors who will not stop any crime.
- Yes, indeed, remember what at the time of the interview reported Eioa Yiwu? For the capture of the mermaid offered a million dollars! - Pierre remembered … - There once exploded a lot of divers!
- Well, not for the capture, and for providing accurate information … - added James - although when you think what is reliable information about the mermaid to pay a million bucks is possible without it being caught?
- Another version - the special properties of our Carolina. - Continued James. Once in two months … you can cure all diseases and stop aging?
- Not all. Of hereditary and can not by microcephaly - also, and much more …
- Well, someone is urgently needed is money and no complexes. - Suppose now waiting for two months. Or pulls my kompetentocit’s from the moron who shot! .. But in fact, might just offer me a payment!
All thinking. Pierre of something remembered.
- Another option - transnational farmakokarteli. If Ue Ooi teaches all be treated without traditional medicine and pharmacology - will be colossal failure! - Continued James.
- Do not teach. This themselves pikaias learn some life and not all turns out.
- Well, farmakokarteli something about it do not know! And for them, even the theoretical possibility of such a situation is unacceptable!
- Maybe … We are with Pierre as a pondered one more time … - remember, Pierre?
- What? That is connected with the theory makrodevolution?
- Oh! I heard it once! Yes, very interesting. - Animated Mr. James - You know, I firmly studied anthropology and archeology, it is especially close to me!
- And we thought you were a doctor!
- No, you are in the series. But … so much time to chew on medical topics - inevitably something and pick up myself! .. But the conflict theories of evolution and devolution - this is very new and interesting! - Well, yes, but still a conflict of mono-regional and multiregional theories of the origin of species - added Pierre - and this is not new. Mono-regional theory suggests that the new races and species are formed from small advanced populations of individual races, and even individual Shemaiah. And then replaces the old population, not mingling with them. A multiregional theory says that the multiracial species evolve as a whole, once all its races, which limited mixing at the interface. But do not dissolve in each other completely! There are some mechanisms that prevent the complete mixing and reduced the race. But this kind of multiracial has a rich gene pool and develops. And those populations that are separated from the multiracial species specialize and simplify. Become a dead-end species.
- Multiregional theory interacts well with the theory makrodevolution - added Ue Ooi - multiracial species more likely to retain the original gene-memo-fund, which existed before the Cambrian. So the reasonableness of the main types of multiracial vertebrates preserved over half a billion years after the Cambrian. Loss, of course there is, and they are very important. Do not want to enumerate all. Personally, I think that the main loss - fin and gills …
All cheered.
- Imagine instead of feet - fish tail! And the gills! - Gerard once again grabbed the steering wheel and braked in front of traffic lights. - And at what depth you can dive?
- In Cambria, I dived for nine miles, but I pulled a rope that is attached in advance. I considered the bottom of a valley. But to me, so diving and many others.
- Interesting! And do not bathyscaphe! Oh, you can hold bottom of work!
- Just do not have oil wells. Oil and gills - do not mix.
- A military unit?!. Yes, but! .. - James said.
- And this is one answer to the question about the reason for attacking us. Mermaids are afraid. Another response - in these two theories. Based on the theory of evolution and the theory of the origin of species monoregionalnoy created the concept of Nazism. So everyman recruited into organizations that use then in the interests of some business … - continued Pierre, - a very big mafia business. And our new theory and the theory of multiregional origin of species – destroy these false theories and out from under Nazism teoretichechesky basis! Now, when man say that he belongs to a new, advanced form, and thus will be called as a “Homo Sapiens Super-Sapiens-Sapiens”, and that this kind of right on the “Law of Evolution” push-to destroy the other, then he will answer that the laws makrodevolution and multiregional theory, this “new look” can not be committed by the former, a view is not, and the displacement of other races - a suicidal loss to the gene pool.
- Well, in a sense, it can also be considered as a possible cause of the attack … - summed up the tirade, Pierre James, - but not relevant. If the theory was created and came out - then it makes no sense for you to attack. Simply do not give a new theory to develop and strengthen propaganda periodicals previous ideas.
- Yes, it seems, - replied Pierre - So behave, by the way, customers are mono-regional theory of the origin of species. They smash the facts - and they stupidly ignored and advertise in periodicals and the media its mono-regional!
- Yeah, right. It’s very easy, by the way, just to announce that the very notion of “evolution” is not associated with the development from simple to complex … A sophisticated features to provide “simple” - calculation of the fact that most of the townsfolk do not know biology and do not possess the scientific style of thinking . Yes, and racism - not the main method of conflict resolution. Religious conflict in my opinion much better! Another thing, imagine sabe that your methods will be rejuvenated some odious dictators …
- And the heirs “without complexes” that can not wait inherited from its rejuvenated three hundred years old! - Added Gerard.
All were silent and thought. James Hugh decided to change the subject.
- I am, here is another interesting question. And how was this leading multiracial reasonable vertebrate species, all these half-billion years?
- Oh, Sir James, we Karolina much fantasized about it! Amphibians are the forms that having grown up - grew their wings and fly. This is our … Ue Ooi and later alleged rare form of flying labirintodont’s, cruise residues which we have not yet been found. But let us look! Then oviparous and viviparous forms of the first flying reptiles - krurotarzan’s. Then the flying dinosaur shapes. Then the flying mammals, and now - flightless …
- That is, the beginning people have lost their fins, then - the Wings. But if we, vertebrates, have always been reasonable, why not build a civilization, as it is now? - Asked James.
- Well, firstly, because we had a competitor. All this time, our opponents - arthropods and trilobites spriggin descendants - were trying to build their civilization, and we chased away to the margins. - Reply Ue Ooi. - From those civilizations remained even formalized relics - termites, had a civilization somewhere between 200 million to 120 million years ago, and Hymenoptera - bees, wasps, ants - more than 60 million years ago. Then they both were reasonable and created technology, remains of which are now maintained at the level memo instincts - said Ue Ooi - and yet they had other, older civilizations of similarity. It’s the initial spriggin civilization, which we dug up in the Cambrian. They are separated, we vertebrates … And then there was a civilization of our contemporaries Cambrian - earliest trilobites. Cambrian mankind consisted of two species - the peak and trilobites. Then there were more eurypterid’s and labirintodont’s … - simple as that
- to secede?
- The ancestors of vertebrates - these are the mirror-simmetichnye spriggin’s that floated back down. Since the previous spin was the belly, and the old belly - back then the chord is found on the new back and there was an important quality - the ability to swim fast. Actually, apparently in order and turned over! And so it went our way-track! .. Machine civilization, we did not build in the Cambrian, but there were some experimental developments. We have, in fact there was no oil, coal, gas! And then, “the most interesting place” suddenly collapsed small moon … After that, I think that the survivors were no longer up to civilization!
- Mmm … yes. Hence, planted pikaiasskie mermaids in different geological epochs met quite different creatures that were human, and belonged to them to the same species? And with auto-morphogenesis takes the same form? Interestingly, and now you can take the morphological appearance of, say, a pterosaur?
- You apparently about dragons, James? In the Cambrian, many who went to live on dry land, a very interesting experiment and create a variety of guises in the process of metamorphosis. Professional soldiers sculpted looks, which now you would call the dragons, harpies, porcupines, a pterodactyl, and some underwater unit consisted of a shark-like guardsmen! It was not an end in itself, needed a military. A civil frequently became anthropomorphic, even with the hair on their heads, but usually with wings, usually leathery … From the tail fin with usually dumped. But in the Northwest Megacities - the wings were real feathers - and they are very good to fly! This fountain has been a meme of an entire population, even genetically inherited!
Sangatt arrived in the cargo station. Had to produce documents, but this is a common measure to combat illegal migration, Ue Ooi is no waiting. Rode in the cargo compartment. Soon the train started, and went into the tunnel.
- Well, now, if over fifty minutes of no one to calculate that we’re going to England, then you will have the chance to travel more! - Gerard joked.
- Our journey has just begun! We need to get to the Sargasso Sea. I’m afraid that everything will have to swim very fast! .. - Said Caroline.
- Why you in the Sargasso Sea? - Asked James.
- I am afraid that this is no longer a secret. And this is the real reason for the attack. In the Sargasso me waiting for my subjects. I am their queen and my job - to teach and lead my people. I do not want to seem to let go … And until I get there, three hundred forty thousand young teens-mermaids can destroy!
- Who and Why?
- It’s hard to say … This goal could put myself only trilobites in the Cambrian, but now … But … What if? They, too, could then en masse to save, and then periodically return to a few ladies once in a hundred thousand years … It’s a nightmare of some sort. If they are a team - the humanity of vertebrates is doomed!
- Carolina, calm down, so you can nafantazirovat anything!
- I am quiet, Pierre. But for this we need to be prepared. We now need to find a pond in Katoro we would check on you, my black stone … And if it does not, I’ll have to go with the most …
- So you want to start swimming from the coast of England?
- Asked James.
- Yes, somewhere in the north of Scotland.
- There are interesting places, chalk mountains. By the way, in my opinion, there is cool water, deep and somewhere there are underwater caves. But there must still get there! - James pondered - and will have to find a place to sleep. I’ll go with you, with your permission!
- Ok, my friend Hugh, I know that you do so! - Said Gerard. - Certainly, but how else? You know, having played so many roles in the virtual world of movies, I want to do something such as in real life! - Respect! And I have the same opinion!
- You can call in Edinburgh, then through Inverness to Loch Ness, where you inspect your stone and go on to Ullapool. From there you can sail away and to your Sargasso!
A little more than an hour the train left the tunnel on the English coast, and arrived at the station. Nothing suspicious was presented papers, and Gerard’s car with passengers to follow. Light rain, fog … So all the way to Edinburgh. In Edinburgh, staying at Hotel, removing the two numbers. Carolina ventured to take the money from the account … James went about his business, and Pierre Ue Ooi left alone in the room.
- Kari, I will not let go itself.
- Pierre, we will meet you there, fly to Bermuda without me!
- I can not. I am afraid that you will not never find!
- Me too. But I hope for a miracle.
The next morning, the doorbell rang. Pierre opened. On the threshold stood a gentleman strong addition to the sunglasses, something that resembles the famous James Bond of the Mi-6.
- Gentlemen, good morning! Sorry for the intrusion, I have an important message to Lady Caroline Ue Ooi Burdzhesski from one important person! You are asked to visit Edinburgh Castle today over the next two hours. If you do not want or do not have opportunities, you can ignore this offer! But I would advise him to take it to your advantage.
- Thank you, we think … Pierre and Carolina once again left alone.
- What to do, Cary? Running is meaningless!
- Come to the castle. Let’s give ourselves a decent look. We went into the room to Gerard and told about what happened.
- I’ll wait for your return. Is a dangerous business, but I’m with you. Yes, I said James, we will prepare for departure! ..
Ue Ooi removed the stone, and the couple went to the castle. A taxi stopped at the Castle. Sender with an open umbrella opened the door and helped Carolina get out, and our newlyweds were escorted into the castle. Then entered the Hall, where, as it turned out, they waited for the Queen … - Hello, Your Majesty!
- Hello, and you, Your Majesty Ue Ooi! You are, after all, is also now the Queen?
- Oh, thank you, it has not yet formally …
- But really! We learned that you have people who are waiting for you in the Sargasso Sea. We are very interesting!
- Yes, Your Majesty, and that people are preparing to enter the number of your subjects. As I became a citizen of Australia.
- Oh yes, I appreciate it. Must tell you this - a huge acquisition for the UK and is a great pleasure for me! But I invited you for a reason, just to chat about this and that and say a bunch of compliments. There is a big problem. Our joy for some reason does not share our overseas allies. Reasons are not clear.
- Interesting! On this account I have some suggestions, but they are still too raw to discuss. If you wish, I could possibly keep you informed!
- Perhaps it would be helpful. But this may be some danger, unwanted leakage of information … In general, act as the see fit.
- Thank you! While my plan is simple - to swim to the Sargasso girls and arrange them the way I was taught in the Cambrian.
- Ue Ooi, you know, we can not in this situation a lot for you to do. But from what we can do now is for the sea of people - is to help your Compatriots apply for citizenship in the Australian diplomatic institutions in England.
- Thank you, Your Majesty, it may be useful and even very soon.
- And I have to you have a request - do your best to play a decent game! It is important for our future! Replay Uncle Sam, that he ceased to perk up! I wish you success and I will not hold!
- Farewell, Your Majesty, thank you for the warm welcome!
- Goodbye, Colleague!

Ue Uiiu finished try uniformennoe dress with different twists, which is related to the model of this dress Iia Uiiu and led Eo Iu. Manfred, after completing this tedious business wanted to join Sam in laptops, but not in time. Mermaids swam to the boat - eight residents of Undine-Town, who had a special Teflon versions of Australian passports in waterproof case! Passports they held in their hands, raised above the water for the welcome. They were accompanied by a large crowd of Sargasso mermaids.
- Aio!
- Hi! How are you smart, that they arrived! - Eo Iu jumped into the water, struck up a quick conversation. The cabin went dark, Sam.
- Manfred, we have trouble. American patrol boat detained the ship in the Azores.
- So what? Somewhere to escort convoys?
- Not yet, understand, see the document, elicits something from Peter.
- Well, he sat there in Casablanca. - Peter was able to send a message.
- It is necessary to consult with Eo Iu. Sorry, now there is no connection with Ue Ooi.
Eo Iu with undins-town’s reinforcement jumped aboard. Among the mermaids was Oio Iu.
- Guys, what happened? - Sam said. The situation is made all the thinking.
- There is an option, but an adventure. - Manfred said.
- What?
- In those places there is a shallow banks. You can do a lot of long lasting ropes of the beams of our yarns with loops at the ends. One cable will be enough to force several hundred mermaids pull the ship into place over such a bank, other cables can drag containers overboard, and already at the bottom to open the cover and disassemble the knife. And a couple of cables needed to force a hundred or mermaids to keep from following the one destroyer.
- Acting! Scourge ropes!
Mermaids militia has taken on the matter. Less than a day, a large flock of nine thousand mermaids, build large romb, the night quickly sailed across the Atlantic to Azor. On the periphery ransacked a specially trained security troops against the Sharks. However, the electrical activity of the squad was so high that all the fish tried to get away.

- So, dear customer, I ask again. You were going to unload the cargo of the original knives into the water near Bermuda?
- Well, sir! Again you say: we just wanted there to Bermuda, to clarify further the route.
- And you still say that these knives are needed for the cutting of fish in Chinese restaurants?
- Well, yes, of course.
- Sir, I reiterate that these knives are much more similar to cold steel. We suspect that these weapons prepared for pirates or terrorists. After three hours here arrives specials. division and will continue to investigate.
- Sir, the ship sails! And quickly! - Reported entered sailor.
- What? When the engine stopped? All three inspectors returned to the deck. On deck and jumped around fifty Fine clever mermaids in beautiful uniforms.
- Gentlemen, here is our burden, but you seem to intend to jump overboard? We can help you jump if you want!
- Eo Iu spoke very clearly and convincingly. Trio experts jumped overboard, where they were picked up by other mermaids and quickly dragged him to a destroyer.
- On the deck of the destroyer the watch etched jokes. After one particularly amusing anecdote sounded merry girlish laughter from behind.
- Hey, who’s there?
- That we are a mermaid! Bob, great anecdote, tell me more!
- Robert, run to the first mate! Where’s the truck? Oba-na! It floats! The destroyer ran, started the engine, commanders gathered for kap.mostike.
- Man Overboard? - Mermaid or something?
- No, our auditors and the captain … and mermaids too!
- Hey, on board! We saved your people! Your auditors for some reason, jumped into the sea, and there could be a shark! We rescued them, take them please!
- Here’s offspring … and more … With mock destroyer took down a ladder and climbed into the top three losers.
- Sir captains, do not think bad! We will now unload our container, and you will be able to continue the investigation on the suspicious ship! And your people no one hurt. I just asked them whether they intend to jump into the sea and offered to help! And they took, and jumped, and we helped to get to your ship.
- Listen, you there! Cargo arrested if you touch it, will have to deal with the U.S. Navy!
- Ame … by what? Word of Kakeya something zanyuhannoe … well, well, God forbid your kilka eat our shark! - Oio Iu burning militant fervor.
- SCPO Smith - locator!
- Yess Sir! Super-advanced echo-locator issued the first series of signals. Smith started it was something to investigate, but the screen rippled and cover the set of signal artifacts.
- Sir Captain, we jammed! I see nothing!
Hundred of mermaids in the waters under the destroyer enthusiastically sang the same signals that are emitted echo-locator. Experience Oio Iu in the Mediterranean there was very handy!
- Machines, full speed ahead! The ship moved away, but instead chosen direction turned away by a large arc.
- Machinery, stop! That is a beast! What we do with the rudder? While the destroyer made his clumsy attempts to extricate himself from the stretch of four long-lasting silk rope tied to technological brackets under the Watery-line, which enthusiastically destroyer pulled it into one side or the other four groups of two hundred and mermaids on the container ship was in full swing work. Mermaid with the active assistance of German-Russian-Ukrainian-Romanian crew clung to ropes containers which hundreds of other mermaids in the water dragged overboard. Container falling to the bottom of the flat tops of underwater mountains, where they were immediately freed from the burden, dismantled and piled in stacks. Peter signed the documents, filled graphs end-user be drawn up, and representatives of the supplier, which introduced Americans to the sailors, helped Peter, and actively recorded on camera all the events. Questions mermaids answered: - “These knives are not sold, and will give you our company for advertising purposes. Your customers will pay only for shipping! But we need to advertise your pictures and movie clips! “Mermaid gladly posed for many once dismissed wet hair specifically to appeal to future audiences!
- Of course, sixteen lemons euros for these knives if their price on the invoice for 50 euros … We could not afford it. Fiiilen dunk!
The documents were signed a few copies, packed in watertight cases and distributed to the participants of the transaction. Vendors also quickly copied to disk all captured, packaged in a waterproof package and asked Peter to duplicate their delivery to the supplier firms, if the Americans seized their original. Peter gave their wallets mermaids to deliver in the Sargasso Sea, and then transfer to a future king’s office …
- Eo Iu, sorry, but what can I do? Would not want to hang around in the chamber at Guantanamo and engaged in litigation with oppressors. Can I somehow float away with you? - Whot? How’s that? In fact, every girl pulls the forty pounds of knives, we’ll go with a gradual dip to the encounter with another detachment, which will deliver the dinner, there will divide the goods, lunch. So it was planned! But … Something must come up with, yes, Peter. So, I know that, honey Brigade!
Eo Iu began to look medics. Three mermaids-medics with stored until metamorphosis additional circulation rode on fins to Peter, something he explained to Peter wore a wetsuit and all four jumped into the water. Container ship cargo boom lifted from the bottom of the pile stacked empty containers and started the engine … By the time of arrival of the USS everything was completed and raised anchor.
- Hey, ladies and gentlemen, what have you sailed? - Shouted into a megaphone Captain container - then it was very interesting, clients are original, they took the goods all the way through formalized, we are empty! Yes, now is the time - money, a cargo sailing to Cape Town!
- In Cape Town? We are almost on the road. Okay, check you later, but where this Pete Schwartz?
- And he is the representative of the customer, sailed with them!

The destroyer turned and chased mermaids swim away. The main squad, who built a romb, it swam slowly, more and more going into depth. A small mobile team of two gruppe mermaids under the command Oio Iu darted under the destroyer, mimicking the echo locator. On the horizon appeared the silhouette of a cruiser. Medics-mermaid Peter pulled over the surface of the ocean waves, and all could not tell him the meaning of what is going to do.
- You see, Peter, are you not going to breathe, I’ll breathe for you I’m my gills and drive your blood through the systemic circulation to my heart extension.
- But you also still own blood! This is what, our blood is mixed?
- No, I have a separate circulation, it is now filled only by plasma cells and there is no additional heart!
- And what is your blood type?
- No. Zero antigens and hemolysins for all groups, the basic, additional and rare … approaching destroyer. Peter suspected that they see there. Silhouette of the cruiser became clearer and closer.
- Okay, start! Medichka-mermaid hugged Peter, at the base of both palms were special hollow spines with impermeable caps, special glands isolated perhydrol strong solution for antisepsis.
- Relax, now a little bit maybe more!
- The mermaid began to actively breathe an extra pair of gills.
- OPPA … And you an hour is not a vampire?
- Do not jerk! I need to glue anastomosis to your right and left carotid arteries and jugular veins. You know, I still added to hemocyte my plasma - they are better than your red blood cells … Ue Ooi taught as mermaids in Undin-Town, among them attended Eo Iu, and then she taught us!
- So for me this is the first time?
- I do not know. Maybe. If not, then I disconnect, and you will be left to wait for the Americans.
- No, okay, come on.
Mermaid continued manipulation, Peter frowned on stitching, and then slowed breathing.
- Interestingly, you do not want to breathe!
- It’s Hyper-oxygenation! Now as much as possible exhale the air, shut your nose and dive!
Two other little mermaid has been linked them together with special thread and getting ready to haul the water. Peter maximum exhaled, his nostrils plugged with wads of glue and all ducked. Since then, Peter was there … Deep decided not to dive because they were afraid to damage the sinuses Peter, to a depth of 40-50 meters sank pretty quickly. Suddenly there was a strike the near explosion. After ten seconds, hit the second explosion, and a minute later a third.
The torpedo exploded, issued in their direction with the destroyer. Moreover, a third torpedo destroyer undermined itself. It was like this. The captain contacted the captain of the cruisers and destroyers to learn that mermaids unloaded knives and sailed calmly, immediately ordered to attack by all means and all destroyed. With the destroyer saw only a small group of heads of mermaids who were working with Peter on it and let the torpedo. Everything seemed very simple, let the torpedo hitting a target and wait … But the torpedo suddenly began to change course. This Oio Iu clung to her body and began to unfold! While the captain looked through binoculars torpedo, she turned almost in the opposite direction. The operator had sent signals, trying to turn the torpedo and again bring up the goal … The captain suddenly shouted - “Blow, blow up, immediately!”, But the operator, who also saw a torpedo into the device suddenly froze, motionless … he saw a torpedo Duo Yiwu! - “Sir, there is a lady …” “Idiot, let me here!” The captain grabbed the handle with the alarm button and sent the signal of the explosion. Oio Iu had already left the torpedo, and listened attentively to the signals by recording with maximum accuracy. The torpedo exploded. Released the second torpedo. Oio Iu heard an alarm activation phrase torpedoes and realized: the first sentence - the name of a torpedo or a password. Then - the team. Sung password, issue the command explosion - and the torpedo exploded, barely sailed on destroyers. The third shot was self-governing - she sailed for the knife, which hung in a special sheath on the back of Oio Iu. At this time, had to swim very fast. Initially Oio Iu tore down, shouting that all rapidly cleared as far as possible and as quickly as possible. Torpedo sailed fast, even faster than a mermaid, but then Oio Iu ducked and quickly swam up - to the destroyer. Torpedo turned longer and left behind. Departure from the water at the destroyer, Oio Iu High Speed flew over the stern and a second before it falls into the water the torpedo, caught in the protective metal grid at the screws exploded. Mermaid miraculously hooked and did not hit the hydrodynamic blow - she was still in the air by the explosion, and the water came in earlier than flew the wreckage.
- All of me! In a break!
Torpedo destroyed the engine room, water gushed into the breach, to save minders none of the crew did not even try - until everyone who could, just battening down the hatches in the bulkheads between compartments, so that the ship is not flooded. But a mermaid in a minute were in the engine compartment, and after three minutes had already been pronounced out of all four seriously wounded minders, and in five or six minutes, all the wounded were “connected” to a “respirator-supply-dialysis” - that is, the little mermaid-medics then examined and exposed kompetentocites therapy, and during transport away from the destroyer all fractures of the wounded had been “operated” Shipo-glue method, combined to accelerate the bonding and fixed tires-cases, the wounds were covered with silk-adhesive Bio-antiseptic plasters … Cruiser by developing an escalation of military conflict with the people of the sea - the so desired for certain influential organizers - on a tip from the satellite fired missiles waters, where water has been viewed through the thickness of the diamond sinking deep into the unit system of mermaids, carrying heavy bags with knives. Depth was already considerable - about four hundred meters. Rocket exploded on the surface of the sea but only a little scared rusalochek Knock many blows from the explosions … and order was not violated, the movement continued. Cruiser engaged in rescuing destroyer … circled over the ocean deck-based aircraft from some near the aircraft carrier … But already dusk, a large group of mermaids gone too far and was not visible from the satellite, and a small detachment of wounded and a fugitive from Peter Oio Iu led was too small and moved in the opposite direction, where no one was looking …

- Ue Uiiu! AIO!
- AIO, Iia Uiiu! Jump In a visit!
- Once, Wehe! We have children’s tents finished knitting past uniforms, and many more finishen knitting ball gowns for a holiday in Australia and there sailed one of those submarines, which have a base in Miami, and became a near tents between algae! And what does he want? There, girls dress up!
- Yes, they spy on girls, that’s bastards! Well, we will arrange it! Let’s take the plastic bags and sail there!
- Ue Uiiu, where are you?
- Manfred, I have there a small business near the tents where the knit dress. I’ll soon be! Sam went out.
- You see what happens, Roger makes it clear that registration of applications for free privatization of the shelf waters on this side of the Barrier Reef near Ondine inhibit lobbyists are Americans.
- So, we must apply also in other places. And semi-submerged foundations for water bungalows from South Korea to pull though and just … But they have an expensive Australian metal. The best of the Vladivostok. At Russian metal more cheaply at times, but far to drive - already in Chelyabinsk! But for option bungalows of small components is normal. And, besides, reviews, quality steel products above!
Friends pondered the prospects of life mermaids in Australia … Near the submarine was crowded, more precisely, mermaided. No one has nothing to knitting and dressing. All the little mermaid dressed in their best dresses, many adorned with necklaces of beautiful coral, shells and pearls glued to him. All the brightly glowing luminofors. Ue Uiiu and Iia Uiiu sailed with the package of large black polypropylene bags and get down to business - are putting bags on all the speakers on the device.
- Yes, Johnny, which I have never seen! The world of mermaids. Wow, how many of them here, and what they are interesting!
- But they say they are our enemies …
- Do not believe it! I can not fight them. Hand does not rise.
- What if an order?
- Criminal order will have to ignore.
- But it is a complete kondets career! If the tribunal does not …
- Yes … monitoring screen suddenly went dark, the image vanished. This is over the external camera Ve Uiiu pasted a black bag. So lost all the pictures on the external observation devices. Bags were attached special natural glue from special glands - thereby, from which stretch silk threads. Then all present cheered more mermaid began to paint on the body of a different kind of label glued shells of crabs, mussels and all sorts of interesting garbage collected at the sea surface - plastic Mickey Mouse, plates, cups, cats, dogs, etc., etc., that once a long time served as the Little Mermaid toys. Amused more, the ship pasted surrounding Sargasso while blocked water intake hole of the reactor and blocked the operation of the engine … The captain tried to rise to the surface, but with the Sargasso while shaken bubbles and they otyazhelev, sway to the sides of the submarine and the ascent stopped … So the U.S. nuclear submarine Class «Virginia» unexpectedly in captivity mermaids at a depth of 300 meters … Attempts to consider the neighborhood of the vessel sonar also failed - the little mermaid immediately began rehash signals, and screens can mess … A few hours later, which for the ship’s crew were torture, returned units of mermaids with a cargo of knives. Just a couple of hours handing out knives took all the mermaids Sargasso Sea, and only then Eo Iu learned about captive U-boat.
- What? Here, the submarine? Well, now all departed in a kilometer! Leave the tent!
- But there is also close to our mother, she will not uplyvet! And we will not leave!
- We’ll deal! Ue Uiiu, is that you manage?
- No, U-boat sailed itself! Why they spy on girls? It’s so ugly!
- Yes, all right. And how is it you are not shot torpedoes? ..
- I think it’s because the beautiful mermaid in new dresses and they liked the sailors!
- Do not talk nonsense. In St. Petersburg with nurses and Duo Yiwu Americans fired torpedoes, and on us all - beating missiles at the area! Well, we went in depth!
- Really? Oh, I did not think …
- Now I talk to them. Eo Iu knew morse code and began tapping on the housing issues, such as business, what’s new …
- SOS, hey who is there behind? Help, drowning!
- And what you got in here, and here seaweed and debris?
- Orders are not discussed, and therefore sailed.
- Okay, now unlock.
Sargasso were cut with knives and an underwater submarine surfaced on poverhneost. Surfaced and many mermaids. From the hatch and climbed out the captain first mate.
- Hello, girls! We did not know that there are so many people lives! I’m John Sherman, captain of the ship, and this is my assistant Andy Smith.
- Hello, very nice, I Eo Iu, Australian mermaid, I teach these girls. It felt so dirty lately, garbage piled up - inordinately, muddy water from fuel oil suspension, and yet so many sharks divorced … and the oil crash in the Gulf of Mexico, as it were, to us here is not washed up on some of these oil spills! We would get out of here in Australia! Friends helped, being able to - sent comfortable knives to protect themselves from sharks along the road. But here are your colleagues for some reason they tried to take away our knives and then we were almost killed!
- Okay. Our bosses again run into a scandal. Listen, what is pasted over missile? Lord, how much stuff!
- Oh, You forgive me, please, girls are still young … In many ways, just children. Somewhere on the base clean. Or we’re going to play …
- No, no, not worth it! So let it remain! :) By the way, miss, can go down to visit? Tea, coffee, a good cognac. - No, thanks, and once to me, my husband at home waiting for …
- Yeah, of course, Mrs. Eo Iu, in this case, we could make a table here, the bridge is now a very quiet calm!
- And here is almost always calm. Let’s sit down, I am pleased. Only without the alcohol, I’m sorry. Organized a small table with chairs, climbed onto the bridge Eo Iu and Iia Uiiu. Eo Iu was in uniform and with a scythe, but the Iia put on her brand new awesome white glad rags, right, behind the sheath of the knife handle could be seen … While sitting at a table and drank coffee, flowing blond hair and a dress Iia dry … At the tip of the hair still dangling scales - cheshuynye beaters only two months since transformed into hair bulbs …
- Lady, you are someone say that you are incredibly beautiful?
- John asked for Iia Uiiu
- you have such deep blue eyes, and sparse facial features … you can write with pictures!
Iia embarrassed, but did not run away, continued to drink small sips of coffee …
- Thank you … You are also very likeable and courageous captain, and a picture with you … I’ll arrange. Iia was concentrated on the back of his hand stood out the facial image of John.
- Do you long for us sailed?
- No, we should leave, there’s an order. The bosses realized that you give us an elementary can sink all the submarine and decided to clean them out … But there is one problem. If we now activate the reactor, the water gets over the side of the external circuit, and she have a bit of radioactive … If you uplyvete here, it does not matter, but if not …
- Mmm, yeah … This is very bad. And if we tell you repulsion away? This can be quickly arranged. - Wow, your girls dragged us?
- Yes, it is necessary only to find that hook over the ropes. Girls so all pasted over here …
Ropes, which pulled the little mermaid destroyer and container business but she did not have thrown, and had looped and dragged with him, along with knives. So now the submarine was pulled immediately by nine and a half thousand mermaids ropes, others brand new cut with knives and dragging weeds, clearing the way … The captain stood on the bridge with the First Lieutenant.
- Yes, it’s a miracle that you see in life is not often. Look, here it is - people of the sea!
- Yes, the Sea Peoples. Amazon of the Sea! Homo Aquaticus, Ocean Ladies … Do you remember the catch phrase - Who owns the sea - that rule the world! I understand our rulers, they marginalize the role … if you think about our entire fleet - lots of metal, which often fails and requires huge amounts of money for maintenance. And they are universal! Ocean - their home! If they want to - inhabit the ocean for a couple of generations … But because they do not want for some reason!

1. Wedding in the Sargasso
2. Princess of the Cambrian
3. Mermaid in the European Union
4. Amazon of Sea
5. Loch Ness; Cambrian Crown of Kings

Leo A. Polishchuk

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