3. Mermaid in the European Union

Morning Ue Ooi hardly ever unstick their sleepy pikaia’s eyes.
- I woke up? I ordered breakfast in my room! Do you think if I wear your shirt with a stone and namoknu what will become of me?
- Oh! Then you immediately become Neptune and swim with me to the bottom of the Mariana Trench! I think it is better not to try.
An hour later, were parked in the car. Approached the children about ten years old with big dark blue eyes - two boys and a girl.
- Hello, you Ue Ooi and Pierre Cartier?
- Yes, hello …
- My mom wants you to visit! We live here, not far away. Our grandmother was also a mermaid, like you, Ue Ooi!
- A grandmother at home?
- No, she died a long time …
- How did you know that we are in this hotel?
- Heard on TV!
- Well, as it is now hiding from these reporters? Just yesterday came from The Hague and Copenhagen immediately all know about it! .. Just creepy is! .. Clearly in the media personalities their own people in hotels. If we come to visit you, to you, too, there too much attention!?
- Do not worry for us, my mother said that nobody outside of anything not guess! We are media-makers not friends.
The children excitedly explained the road and soon came to the house. Everything was beautiful and well maintained! Almost no worse than in the royal bungalow Cambria.
From dating and greetings with his daughter mermaid, the tea went to work. Ue Ooi told her story, Selma - his own.
- Say, Ue Ooi, you have found the village of Ondine Barrier Reef?
- Yes, found! However, not once.
- And we long ago lost any connection and have not been able to find …
- Do not you know? This happened after the first thermonuclear test on Bikini. Then almost all undintsy died. Fault of their own in general. Remained a handful of mermaids and among them a single man.
- That’s it, sorry … You say, our humanity has been in the Cambrian? This is interesting! My kids are going to become biologists.
- A lot of you in Europe?
- No, only around a hundred. Many of us are friends with each other, we have a small fraternity. In coastal cities, one or two families and one family in Brisbane! I can give you some of the Skype user names and e-mail, you can certainly count on our help! And we were afraid that these mermaids have not left!
- Tell Selma, however children are born in the first generation? For us to Pierre is very important! ..
- Until the seventh month - with the tail finlets and secondary gills, and later - without both … fruit-maggot mostly guided in the development of human MEM-s. But if the expectant mother says a lot, then born immediately understand a little speech, and the second month of pregnancy in case of failure - is a little talk, however, in a whisper - with his lips. And such newborn able to survive without medical assistance, but must live in a good aquarium, because he has no lungs, but there is the secondary gill. Yet we are rumors that, if born before the seventh month will live in water and further, it will evolve into a mermaid. Just do not know where this rumor went. I Blood, I have red blood but I have kept electric organs and neuro-sensors. It is now called “extra-sensory” …
- Wait a, but where this rumor?
- That is from Scotland, that is from Ireland.
- Okay. Thank you!
- We will not detain you long, happy journey!
On this day, still watching the town, the air was damp and out of the embankment and Pierre decided to take a picture of Cary on the background of the Little Mermaid statue. Suddenly, the rain went from a clear sky and Ue Ooi became a mermaid herself to the delight of tourists … Pierre had to take her in his arms, and Ue Ooi was holding his sandals. Commercials about this later shown on TV …

Then on the ferry - to Finland, and there - cozy town and a beautiful forest. Then again, the ferry - in Tallinn, with its wonderful old cities and monuments battleship “Mermaid” in Kadriorg. If souls perished sailors could see herself as the Queen Mermaids put to the foot of the monument to a bunch of forget-me-not flowers! Then there was a “terrible” an adventure in Tartu, where they were staying in the room “hospitality” university dormitory on the first floor, a night of Carolina with shrieks woke Pierre and horror shows on the walls and ceiling lined spiders, harvestmen! ..
- Peeee-p, it looks like a poisonous creatures spriggin! Do something!
Pierre slammed harvestmen sneakers and gathered into a pile in the middle of the room. In the morning a handful were not - all the little corpses harvestmen somewhere disappeared …
- What a fool I am, “Of course, it is absolutely harmless creatures … I’m sorry, Pierre, this is childish fears awakened …
In Riga, Ue Ooi wanted to swim in the sea, but once out of water and no longer want. Baltic water was not only cold, but it was contaminated by something poisonous, it was hard to breathe by gills. In the Baltic Sea mermaids live now obviously can not … Swan Princess, apparently lived in the sea for a long time …
Then, Vilnius, Warsaw, Prague, Berlin, Heidelberg. In Heidelberg there was a performance at the university stadium of the “Paleo-metallic Pikaia, to which Caroline dragged Pierre. Pierre remembered that occasionally happens at these concerts, and taken his training boxing gloves, so that when the case does not break the skin on the knuckles.
Ue Ooi listened, listened to an address, forgotten and even woke luminophors, then caught herself, she thought - not noticed in the lighting glares … noticed and stopped the concert, members of the group pointed to the Ue Ooi - Ondine with us! ”
The entire stadium in silence staring at the Mermaid … I had to sing. Song of sirens Germans have not heard since Lorelei. That was cool. Undine, who had perfect pitch and powerful super-human operatic voice, singing, playing overtones, and slowly pulled Pierre to shine among the audience towards the stage …
- Hello, guys, help me get out of here before we disassemble for souvenirs!
But this proved more difficult to do than to think … The audience - university students - would not want to part with a mermaid-siren and shouting, “BIS-BIS-BIS!” A group Paleometallik peak tried accompany … Later Ue Ooi admitted that it were not songs, and lyric and heroic poems Cambrian poets. Just pikaias language has consonants and vowels are also modulated by frequency for transmission to the mood, well-composed poetry sounds like a fascinating vocal melody … finished his concert, and reassured the public pikaias lullaby …
From Germany were planning to go to the Adriatic Sea.

Once Natasha and Maxim Borisovich, as usual, went out at night on a deserted beach to meet a mermaid Ue Uuei, which met today to quickly scroll through the next book and remember to look-weekday. But they were met by three mermaids, but were still Ue Uuei, Oio Iu and Eioa Iu, which, as it turned out, had just returned from a long hike into the Atlantic and were requested to submit Ue Ooi is very important information.
- Natasha, Maxim, we do not want to speak out in detail. We can eavesdrop, and this clearly should not be disclosed. You just let Ue Ooi words: “there Eo Iu, three hundred and forty thousand, 15-18 years, Eiai Uiiu, Your Majesty.”
- How do you swim?
- Nothing left alive. Adventure was - the sea! .. In the Suez Canal, stick to the board a large ship, and sailed well. But we somehow have noticed already at the exit. After the channel for us to chase a few military boats, sonar, stalked. - Reply Eioa Iu - we ran away and hid at the bottom. And came off when grasped and began beeping loudly at the same frequencies, and exactly the same as theirs echo-locators. Then Oio Iu distinguished. First, the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the evenings before sunset floated on the surface and trying to determine where we are, and then began to fool around. We rested there for a week. Her several times seen with the boats, with a seiner and almost straight from the beach. Then, when sailed from Cyprus, she saw a large boat-yacht-master yachtsman, and was assured that it is clearly an unknown son of a mermaid. So she thought! .. For the deck, something he sang. Naturally, he wanted to catch it, got a slap in the face and we floated further … A near Sicily arranged leap across the boat-boat with vacationers. Can you imagine what they went through!
- What was wrong with whom there is no … cute young guy … Just tired of hiding - added Oio Iu. We are there not going to linger for a long time!
- Yes, and then - almost without incident almost to the Bermuda. Eo Iu there yet remained. A back sailed through the Strait of Magellan. In the seas, often had to fend off sharks, schools of Baracuda in the tropics is very arrogant and dangerous for us. But at high latitudes in Argentina, many whales, but they have not been touched. For the type of scary, like sharks, but, in my opinion, they are not evil.
- So you made a voyage around the world! That’s done! - Said Maxim.
- You know, Dad, I think in this post everything very clearly! Said Natasha, coming to the house. - They found somewhere 340,000 little mermaid of 15-18 years of age and now our Caroline will be their Queen! A Eo Iu stayed with the little mermaid! ..
Houses were few guests: doctors, lawyers, teachers, University of Sydney, representatives of the secret services
- Hello, dear guests!
To the owners turned red-tape-monger.
- Hello, hello, the owners, we have you on here, any matter. The day after tomorrow in both houses of Parliament will decide on the procedure for granting citizenship mermaids who were born on the territory of the Commonwealth. Be so kind as to tell us everything you know about Ue Ooi and real mermaids. I mean those with whom you regularly communicate the evenings on the beach!
- We owe them a life and do not want to repay evil for good. Therefore, we are afraid of something about them to tell!
- Okay. In Australia, already have except for you and other citizens who saved the lives of a mermaid, to improve health, there is a person who is completely free from addiction. Well, then help us to consult with Ue Ooi, who under the name Carolina Burdzhesski was an Australian citizen, now married and Paris for a citizen of Canada. We need to inform her of the important information that will be after-tomorrow in the parliament! Very desirable that there were representatives of the mermaids. Or at least that Ue Ooi - Carolina Burdzhesski been in touch!
- Natasha, let’s go back to shore! Maybe they have not floated away!
All three, Ue Uuei, Oio Iu and Eioa Iu sat on the beach and listened to snatches of television news of someone’s open window in the coastal building. They did not want to swim after a long march at night on the Reef and decided to wait until morning.
- Natasha, have you forgotten something?
- No. We have guests from the Parliament of Australia. The day after tomorrow will decide on the nationality of mermaids and there need your representatives!
- Really? Well, start trouble, our princess! Need advice.
- No time for advice, Oio. We do not have a quorum, but the situation is urgent. Here I am, Ue Uuei, now go to Max and Natasha to their home, and then we go to these red-tape-monger in Canberra. To fear no longer reasonable. See, that maketh Ue Ooi - it is there, in Europe - not hiding and not afraid of anything!
- Then I’ll go with you, and Eioa Iu tomorrow will float in the Ondine-Town and tell all there.
- Yes I am right now and swim! Tomorrow morning will be in place, and for dinner we have the whole crowd burst in upon the shore of Sydney and we dance with dolphins!
Natasha broke in: - you know, Eioa Iu, get here a few dollars of metal, and tomorrow and after tomorrow, leave the tail on the beach in Sydney, and buy anything in a tent … Ice cream any!
- Thanks, cool idea! :) But! Nobody and nothing about the message for Ue Ooi! If possible, have to pass it to her personally …
But Ue Ooi received this information from another source. In the morning, a day after a joint impromptu concert with a group of “Paleo-metallic Pikaia” in the lobby gotelya Kari and Pierre was waiting for a lot of people: students, university professors, reporters, prodyusory and others. Invitations, suggestions, enthusiasm, requests of autographs, requests for an interview …
- Oh, sorry, we can not in a hurry, our honeymoon, please, then, then …
- Eo Iu, Sargasso, Eiai Uiiu! - Said the young man who happened to be near Ue Ooi …
- How do you say? Repeat!, Oh, no, come here!
And walked quickly toward the exit. Pierre and the guy barely keep up. Got into the car.
- I Peter Schwartz, a friend of Sam and Manfred, who is now in the Sargasso Sea near Bermuda. There is now your girlfriend Eo Iu and Sargasso something like three hundred and forty thousand mermaids at the age of 15-18 years. In the zone now operates fast mobile Internet from Bermuda and we can connect to Skype, Eau Io you personally tell you many interesting things! But you did not go to the Internet is already three days! Night in Frankfurt-M. on the FM broadcast your songs from the show, just so you and I found it!
- Oh, my fault … was fascinated by the journey, I forgot … Pierre, where our Notebook?
- Here, is already a challenge, take it!
- Hello! Frau Ue Ooi? You are in Germany?
- Hello! Who are you?
- I Samuel Jackson, a good friend of your girlfriend’s Eo Iu!
- Hey, what are you talking about? Move! - On the screen appeared a smiling face Eo Iu - Aio, Ue Ooi! Look, you see the sea?
- I see!
- Now … - Eo Iu loud piped short melodious command to pikaias language. After ten seconds from the sea leaped hundreds of thousands of mermaids, and in doing flips, his shouted, “Aio!”, in clouds of spray fell into the water.
- Glory to the Queen Ue Ooi!
- Wow … Pierre, did you see? What do we do now! ..
- And then to do that might go in the Mariana Trench! .. So I now Neptune, huh? Not for nothing, you see, say, - who loves the mermaid, in order to drag it to the bottom of the sea!
- So, now tell anyone, which means Eiai Uiiu? I knew a mermaid with this name, but it was in Cambria!
- Yes, that too was a mermaid girlfriend named Ue Ooi and also in the Cambrian! - Reply Eo Iu - She metagenesis, vegetative mother of all these teens … By the way, very well organized and brought them!
- Mom foam of the sea! .. It is not surprising. Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Council! It is now like the President of the Academy of Sciences … Yes this is my best friend! Pierre, we have to go there, to Bermuda! You can change our plans?
- I do not have enough money.
- But I still have here on account of fifteen thousand dollars!
Skype blinked call Natasha of Adelaide. Carolina has incorporated a conference call.
- Aio, Carolina! Are you still with someone talking to?
- Hi, Natasha. This Eo Iu from the Sargasso Sea.
- You already know? Well. There is some more information. In the Parliament of Australia, ten hours scheduled a hearing on granting nationality mermaids who were born on the territory of the Commonwealth. Well, the children of the mermaids, respectively.
A I was born near New Guinea, and my mother hails from the Northeast Megapolis … - said Eau Yiwu - a Canadian-Chinese region.
-But New Guinea, in my opinion, is also included in the Commonwealth! - Again, got Sam.
- Ue Uuei and Oio Iu with representatives of special services went to Canberra. They said that for the sake of the Sargasso mermaids are willing to risk their lives. They know your Skype login name and maybe they will contact with you in Canberra. The rest of the mermaid Ondine-Town sail to the shore of Sydney - the festival in support of the adoption of laws on citizenship. We are also going to go to Canberra.
Ue Ooi took over the head.
- Mom Seafoam! We must do something! In no case do not tell people there about the Sargasso! Needs now is a precedent for a positive decision in both Houses of Parliament it is important to observe a measure! If you find out - will make a referendum, but it will be much more difficult and time-consuming decision for a year at best. Several mermaids - it’s an interesting exotics, but three hundred and forty thousand - a problem! Yes, Eiai Uiiu was born in the southern metropolis, is now in Australia … and be silent on the autonomic meta-form of mermaids! Otherwise, some fools will drop a hydrogen bomb in the Sargasso Sea!
- Listen … This is what, in the Sargasso Sea - pikaias-clone army? Super! - Pierre said.
- They will be the army, if I get there. I need to reorganize, train, protect and bring it to Australia! - Reply Ue Ooi.
- We must. - Posted by Pierre.
- Natasha, tell Oio Iu, so do not even stuttered out there on the place of his birth, as soon as her sister Eo Iu in conversation with us. Mermaid born in Sargasso in New Guinea, will be registered in the second turn.
- Listen - said Peter, - I have a suggestion. Let us here in Heidelberg, somewhere in the university auditorium arrange a tele-bridge with the Australian parliament! On one side is Natasha with their laptops, on the other - we are with ours. Connect immediately to the media, and Natasha - there! And everything will be on big screens. I’m here full of friends, help us! And for you it will be safer.
- But you know, Peter, what about mermaids in the Sargasso …
- Yes of course! The same is said and Eo Iu even before our sailing with Susan in Miami. It is necessary that no one knew until the moment when all the mermaid Ondine in the village will receive citizenship.
- Ten in the morning in Canberra - it’s one o’clock here. Where do we find a place for multimedia?
- It’s easy. Back in the lobby of gotel and declare that we must - see for yourself that will be!
Hope is justified. All those present just watched the news account reports from Sydney on yesterday’s events, where the beaches were walking fine bouncing with the mermaid tail fins. Mermaid named Eioa Iu, curves, eating dry rations into small pieces chisburger and gave an interview to TV reporters.
- Tell me, Miss Eioa Iu, uh, here we have such a certificate from the Internet: January 3, 1957, a traveler Eric de Bishop sailed their model of the reconstructed ancient Polynesian raft from Tahiti to Chile. Suddenly, the watch had behaved very strangely. The sailor began to prove to everyone that saw the strange creature springing of water on deck. Balancing on the tail, this creature with hair like the finest algae, stopped in front of him. Touching an uninvited guest, a sailor was in response to such a blow that flattened on the deck, and the creature disappeared into the waves “…
- Oh, I know her! This is my sister, umm … the name does not tell you. But this is how it was! She generally likes fabricate.
- A month ago in the Mediterranean Sea …
- Yes, and there too she was playing a prank! Jump In to the boat, jumped over the boat, swam near the beach, teasing the fishermen … And I was there next! But I was serious.
- And why is it so was playing a prank?
- And from the melancholy green. Well, you do think about the girl ninety-two years, long time to get married, but a real man for her was not found in all oceans! ..
- The girl in the ninety-two years?
- Well, yes, but what the big deal? We live more than three hundred years, if not perish from the accident …
- So you simply swim across oceans?
- Yes! I’m here, just from the regular Around the World! ..
- Did you know that the one who caught this mermaid in a coastal state promised a million bucks?
- What do you say? We want to catch and put in an aquarium? No way, pipes! If we take the citizens into Australia, we will be under the protection of this wonderful State. And to that wild country is no longer sail for any price!
Ten hours later, the hall was prepared all the necessary equipment, and by employing the very cool technology. On a large plasma screen was conducted listening sessions the Australian Parliament, which by some miracle managed to arrange, on the other - the picture with desktopa Notebook Pierre. The hall was crowded with television reporters, students and other groups, even of the Bundestag and the European Parliament. Interest in mermaids, after sensational wedding Ue Ooi, unexpected gay mermaid festival in Sydney, and after reports of the forthcoming meeting of the Australian Parliament was the main theme of the television news, and is now approaching the culmination.
After greetings and procedural formalities, the speaker announced the consideration of the main issue. Initially, the military showed a UFO filmed from stroller boat video of low quality, where the waters of the ocean with a hung lentil-shaped object in the water, flopped a mermaid in a white dress. Movie was shot against the sun, in the background were visible coastal outlines of Adelaide. Then, the representative of paleontological expedition, and showed a series of photographs from the Australian site excavations specified Ue Ooi. In the photographs were slate prints of mermaids in full growth. Age finds - about 530 million years! Then doctors from Adelaide, Alice Springs and Sydney briefly described cases miraculous cures people - Natasha’s parents, driver of the car after a car accident, a slacker from Alice Springs, which Ue Ooi once first in the order of self-defense rather severely beat one of several of his cronies, using electric shocks, and then a new electro-discharge to restore the heart and enter your competentocytes rid of health problems, including problems with the psyche (the guy suddenly completely got rid of a heavy drug addiction, got married, got a job), and the unexpected self- healing of twelve melanoma patients in advanced stages, and now completely healthy - patient clinics in Sydney. All of the above persons were present in the courtroom. Then shown photographs of Ue Ooi at the University of friends, students, laboratories and clinics, commercials, where she was, thinking that behind it are not watching, woke in the dark luminophors. Showed films of divers, where she collected something at the bottom of the ocean and fought with attacked her moray eels, a random video from the shooting of Brisbane series about mermaids, there Ue Ooi, turning fin comb in a horizontal plane, jeered, portraying the awkward swimming actresses. Then there were the repeated clips of her statement at a conference in Paris, weddings and adventure during the honeymoon. After the commercials on the screen have included an interactive image of the heroine of these galleries and videos - Carolina Burdzhesski - Ue Ooi. Parliament standing ovation. In the hall of Parliament in the fashion business suits jumping on small tail fins “included” dark-blue-eyed guest - Oio YIu and Ue Uuei with laptops, they helped to take a place among the guests.
- Aio, Australia! And we have already mapped out here in the Parliament! ..
- Hurrah! Hi! Wow, Look, what a shark swam up to us! .. - Parliamentarians fooling around like schoolboys - is on what is such a lure caught fish?
- Look, stay without bait! - Parried Oio Iu.
- Lady And Gentlemen, calm down! Let us return to the Rules! We have a number of questions to the representatives of the mermaids from the Committee on Naturalization in Australia Homo Aquaticus! Lady mermaid, who is present shall be taken answer questions of Parliament?
- Ue Ooi! - With one voice answered Oio Iu and Ue Uuei, pointing at the screen, where Ue Ooi was ready to raise a howl after all seen movies and heard stories.
- Ask!
- Tell me who you were in the Cambrian?
- I was the Deputy Coordinator of the interdisciplinary council of the Royal Department of Science. And led by the Office for Emergency Situations.
- They say that you are the Princess, it’s true?
- Well, yes. My aunt was the Queen of the Southern metropolis. South Megapolis - the State, included a large group of cities and villages located on the shelf, part of which has now become a piece of land the Australian mainland. And I had a proper education: biological, legal and philosophical at the present Magistrates.
- And now the biological in Sydney?
- But I still was a junior!
- And yet … Some people think that you, as an exception will return all TEST externally. And that article you to Dr. Margaret O’Brien was booked into journal “Nature”, you will be reckoned as a diploma work.
- So, the next question. How did you get here from the Cambrian, and that was a flying machine from which you have parachuted into the ocean in Adelaide?
- … It is difficult to answer. This device - something like a large single-celled organism. But it is a product of engineering, no doubt. At the heart of it - the same peptide-nucleic nano-tehnolgiya that in the cells of our organisms. I realized it when sitting in the elliptical chamber. The chamber walls are similar to multi-layer lipid membrane of a giant cell endosomes or vacuoles. This membrane was bustles with different proteins, carbohydrates, receptors, transmembrane pores … It seemed that from the membrane into the depth of the wall structure separates the set of vesicles on the surface it continuously opens up a lot of bubbles, similar to secretory granules. It may well be that under the membrane walls of these vesicles and granules as well as in our cells have evolved and moved very familiar actin, dynamin, sintaxin and other active proteins, but maybe not …
- Um … Lady Ue Ooi, you apply too much specialized vocabulary that does not understand most of attending! If possible, try to express more popular!
- Yes, well. It was such a special ship, in which the door is not closed with a lid, as is usually painted, and appeared as a small fistula, which extended to the desired size and then also tapered and disappeared. He was all this, as if alive. Chamber was filled with sea water, which had no nitrogen, but always maintained the desired percentage of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Due to this abrupt change in pressure in the blood were not formed nitric coffered emboli. Home was clearly interstellar, because at the bottom of the chamber, where I located the pressure has grown enormously. I just do not fractionated, as in the ultracentrifuge!
- Once you understand swear! …
- Oh, sorry … Well, it was clearly much more than a hundred “g”.
- And how you got there?
- Then, by predictions of astrophysicists, was to burst within the Roche Uueuei small moon. We were waiting for the Apocalypse. And on the islands near the South Pole cold we had Akadem-town with several tens of thousands of scientists and staff. That is, they all caught the living ships aliens, suddenly many thousands of which hang down from the sky. Grabbed the manipulators of our people, alone and in families, shove about the cell, and - at the start of the interstellar …
- Very interesting story! We just need you to believe in the word.
- Well, you can simply wait for the visit of Apophis, make sure that it is aiming directly at us and watch all this personally! Interestingly, they will be someone to save now? But at present people do not have gills! Congestion at this acceleration without the aquatic environment not withstanding!
- Oh, do not frighten us so. We have you believe with all your fantastic stories. So, you flew somewhere …
- And then just as powerfully braked and started again. Then again stalled and dumped into the ocean in Adelaide. I’ve been traveling for about two months on my estimation. Nearly died of starvation. And on the Earth during this period was 530 million years.
- We really sympathize with you! And as the transformation of the tailed form in the shape of the legs and back?
- That we with Maggie O’Brien has not yet figured out. We took a needle biopsy tissue of my tail and legs and compared. There have been at each cell of the special metallic inclusions in each APUD locus - a large nano-object with spikes, like a neuron. But they all quickly disappeared from punctates, so explore them failed. Maybe for the better …
- Do not you think it can be dangerous for us all?
- It is better to ask about it at the aliens. And I do not know more than you. And the newcomers did not speak to me. But I think that these nano-objects are just doing a task that they set - give me a foot on the land. But the gills at the same time do not disappear!
- Gills? It was curious to see …
- Marry a mermaid and watch your health! ..
- Uh … Sorry … Yes, that’s the way, one is not modest, but important issue for us all. You’ll Pierre adopt children? How do you imagine your future life?
- Why? I’m already pregnant so … Just like an ordinary human happiness in a family with a loved one …
Pierre closed the Notebook and embraced Ue Ooi. Questions Australian Parliament to it in this over, but with Pierre has just begun! .. Further clarification on all major issues are now allowed Oio Iu and Ue Uuei.
- So, Lady Ue Uuei, as it turned out, mermaids of the Cambrian own special medicine, which is much more effective the existing traditional. What is it based?
- With these skills and knowledge mermaids are not born, this study is difficult and time consuming. Diagnosis is based on observation of electromagnetic sensory halos and electroactive points of the patient, and treatment consists of either only the correction of pathology electric bodies, or surgery, or - administered to a patient’s active creative mesenchyme-cytes with supporting cells. These cells must be able to give guidance - a goal. Ue Ooi that are well trained. We also know how much, but Ue Ooi was present bio-medical education in the Cambrian! Thanks to her for seminars! We are now at least know how it is called in English. Only those competentocytes need to send the patient a lot at once, nearly half of all that is in the blood. In the tissues of the patient they are working, but after a week or kill everything and restore blood mermaid - a long process, more than six months!
- And how in the new time were you?
- And we’re born. Of the Cambrian were here abandoned our ancestors about five hundred years ago. Although, they say that in the past where once lived a mermaid - the descendants of an even earlier assault …
- What is your luminophors?
- The same thing that fireflies. Look!
Ue Uuei woke luminophors …
Then there were the voting and other procedures and the issue was resolved. All the mermaids were born in Cambrian era, and in the current era in the entire World Ocean - Australia to grant citizenship. During the discussion, there was an opinion that mermaids are very few … Now, if they were more even thousands, a kind, with three hundred! .. Some biologists have suggested that even a funny figure out a way to propagate them vegetatively … But Oio Iu and Ue Uuei silent about metagenesis have pikaias, strictly following the orders of his Queen!
Foreign visitors to the Australian Parliament, all in turn hastened to announce that their country too soon to take the same laws, but … “train has left”! The U.S. representative said that Ue Ooi, in his authoritative opinion, should be investigated somewhere that Lee at Los Alamos, whether at NASA to find in its tail-fin of nano-paratrooper some new super-technology … It’s all angry, but most are not properly filed the form. In addition to mermaids Oio Iu. Room fell silent.

- I have a bad feeling. Something tells me that with the state on behalf of the America we will have some differences. How many of them float, you do not remember, Ue? - Asked Oio Io in English.
- I do not know. We must look in Net …
Sounded this quiet, but the microphone was on and almost everyone has heard …

1. Wedding in the Sargasso
2. Princess of the Cambrian
3. Mermaid in the European Union
4. Amazon of Sea
5. Loch Ness; Cambrian Crown of Kings

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