1. Wedding in the Sargasso Sea.

Mermaid from the Cambrian period.

science biology fiction

It took almost a century since the discovery in burdzhessky black shales of the Rocky Mountains prints graceful chord beings who lived a half-billion years ago … But who would have thought that this little creature, dubbed Pikaia Gracilens - only the larva that grows into a real mermaid! And what on earth in the Cambrian period was the whole of humanity Homo Aquaticus! And that that Homo Aquaticus incredible way belonged to the same species as Homo Sapiens! And once the representatives of this ancient humanity were in our time! ..

The yacht, swaying, howling flew to the sea, waves rose mountains, rolling across the deck and the ship dived between tall waves and re-ascended to the crest of towering waves. Even the little mermaid this appeared pleasant sport not as a lone yachtsman - even more so. Lin braked yacht with an anchor, not letting go of gale-force wind is too fast, and heavy ballast prevented the vessel capsized, all the hatches were battened down. The engine was working at full capacity, pushing the boat against the wind. Owner of a large yacht with a hard-guessed by the silhouette of the glass cutting. But all the same boat, waving an empty tower and howl furiously spinning propeller, when the crest of another wave, he found himself above the water surface, quickly moved to the side Mermaid native Sargasso Sea. Now and the first algae. Here they are getting thicker, and there is the sheer Sargasso field. Screw Screw on a lot of algae, and stopped to help curb speed. But the line, clutching an anchor for the algae, partly compensated for this loss. This went on for a long time, but the storm began to subside. Hurricane overtook Manfred, passed the edge and pushed his boat into the center of the Sargasso Sea, and went further to the north, losing power and becoming a long bad weather, which will bring a lot of rain and winds in the eastern U.S. and Canada, and Europe. And in the Sargasso Sea, after a couple of hours swell was completely calm and a long

Manfred lowered the rope ladder from the board and an hour freeing the screw from the algae. Then tried to pull the line. Winch lasted a bunch of grass almost to the rail and stopped. We had to dive into the seaweed, “the field” and free tackle. Tired after many hours of the storm made itself felt, Manfred lay on a couch in the cabin and fell asleep for two hours. Slack line twitched and rocked - it frees him from the Little Mermaid algae. Waking up, Manfred has included a winch, and found that lin freely out of the water. Then started the engine and decided to find out how much you can pass on Sargasso before the screw again wound the grass. Sailed a hundred yards of them thirty - out of inertia. Without turning off the engine for ten minutes staring at the horizon - whether at least some distant clouds, a sign of wind, but the horizon was clear. Sun approached the horizon and beginning to redden. Manfred decided to give a reversal in the hope that screw reset algae. The yacht is surprisingly easy backtracked. Immediately turn off the transmission and switched on. Again - a hundred meters and stop. After three minutes of a rope ladder came the thin plaintive cry.
- “What’s that, a bird?” - Thought to Manfred, the wilderness, the engine and looked over the side. Overboard was wounded with a broken screw Mermaid left hand and a deep wound on his tail. Manfred stunned trying to figure out when he started galyutsinatsii, until suddenly he noticed that only some fifty meters between algae move a large triangle of shark fin. The Little Mermaid in horror looking at this fin, keeping one hand on the bottom crossbar ladder. Then everything was done on the reflexes and instincts under the influence of counsel, which have been developed by Manfred from early childhood. Quickly descended the ladder to the water, Manfred seized the marine girl with his left hand around the back and armpit and lifted above the water, began to climb aboard. Mermaid helped his good hand, clinging to the rungs and pulling. Swung over the side of the deck.
The little mermaid below the armpits are the gills, but there was also the chest with lung development, she breathed the air, then through the nostrils, then gasping. Caudal fin was not at all like his usual paint mermaids, and so, like a mullet or catfish, oriented vertically, like a fish, not horizontal, like a dolphin. Finely scaly covering on the body spotted like a mackerel. On his head was not hair, but the scales minor, narrow and cropped bristled over the girl’s face. Big, curious, dark blue eyes looked at the face of Manfred. Putting the Little Mermaid on an inflatable mattress, he washed the wound on the tail of fresh boiled water, then treated with hydrogen peroxide and covered with gauze. The left hand was closed brokenfooted mermaid in his shoulder. Manfred carefully put together the ends of the bone fragments (if it were the bones) and bandaged gypsum bandage. The Little Mermaid did not seem to feel any pain or was very patient. With the tail wound was more difficult. In the pharmacy board has remained a small surgical kit of his ex-wife, Magda, but Manfred has never tried to understand it. Sterilized instruments found in a pharmacy vial with silk, and as has managed, in light of the lantern stitched edge laceration, covered with a cotton swab and bandaged.
Then suffered the Little Mermaid in the cabin, put on his couch and covered plaid. And he fell in to sleep on an inflatable mattress on the floor - next to …
She did not sleep. The night was dark, though she saw all the heat, but did not see the cool walls of the cabin, because on the forehead Mermaid flared an asterisk and highlighted everything as firefly. How she had swam next to the floating house, fearing that the owner noticed her, and she is here! How did she was now well, cozy! So she spent a long time, looking at the face of Manfred, while asleep in a dream has become a “meditation” - an army of small defenders and trudyazhek who repaired her injuries, a broken cartilage splice-chitin-calcium bone of the shoulder, sewed the skin matrix, restored the myofibrils, fascia , the vascular network … To sleep in the long term were the problem and more important, it was necessary beaters scales on the head redefined in the hair bulbs, and where there should be a smooth skin, all of their lull, and this skin a reliable protective epithelium, similar to the one that of modern humans. But the hardest part - the legs. They need to build from the bottom pair of lobe-finned fins. A second pair of dorsal fins of lobe-finned with an additional shoulder girdle Mermaid has decided not to develop, why her wings, if they do not have, Manfred? And, besides, for the wings need massive pectoral muscles, it will spoil the shape, but because she is now absolutely necessary - to be feminine, beautiful! ..
Reduction of the tail - is also a problem! Almost half of the body weight should be subjected to such a powerful apoptosis … and then how to swim? But how is it terrible that Manfred had already seen her now that she’s more fish than the girl! ..
So she slept, while worked, dreamed and slept until morning, tossing and moaning in his sleep, and Manfred slept like a log, have not heard or seen …
Swell in the morning came and the yacht began to sway on the waves.
- Hello, Fish!
- AIO!
- Wow .. Yes, you say?
The Little Mermaid was silent. She did not understand human languages and did not know how to pronounce all the consonants, which is rich in human speech.
- How do our wounds?
Mermaid feared that Manfred will remove plaster bandage. Then he discovers that everything has healed, and yet what good will drive her … That she did not have survived! But he took up other matters. Manfred tried to connect with friends in Bermuda, and for the Little Mermaid in another cabin, battered cardboard boxes with all the potentially necessary stuff found old fashion magazines Magda. For the Little Mermaid, it was a find! Previously, it was only in the distance watching people on the beaches of Bermuda, and there could thoroughly assess the basic proportions of the body, moreover, discovered terribly interesting world of clothing and fashion.
Manfred told friends about their whereabouts, that was a calm, almost without diesel oil, then cooked macaroni with canned fish, and made breakfast in the pleasant company of the Little Mermaid. Fish she ate, and left to eat up pasta courtesy Manfred.
- In my opinion, Mermaids say, but here you are all silent. Yes, the sea is full of secrets! Miracles! A year ago I had seen somewhere near one being a relic, but do you think me someone to believe? Okay. Let’s get acquainted, I - Manfred - and he pointed to himself.
Mermaid looked at Manfred and chanted, referring to himself:
- Ue-Uiiu!
- Ue? Uiiu? This is your name? Very nice, glad to meet you!
- M … nn … ff … rr … Maa … n … p … re - e! - Said The Little Mermaid and quickly began to sing something vowel sounds in their native language.
Of course, Manfred did not understand anything, but she wanted to talk. She told me a year ago he was off the coast of Bermuda once treated her squid, tossing them into the water, and she was then still a fish … then the hands were even more lobe-finned fins than the hands and then still did not have it easy … Then Manfred sailed to Europe, and it - for him, because he suddenly became afraid of losing it! Mermaid talked about how she harbors where a boat picked up in the dock, hiding among the rocks, catching crabs, mussels, and consume …
Mermaid breath to continue the story, and suddenly I heard the edge of hearing due to the side quietly spoken phrases in the native language:
- What a touching story! .. Here caught, fool … do you think he dumped her?
- Probably. Look how he has a cool boat, and that she? Blue eyes, yes fish tail
- Yes, it trash …

Mermaid terribly upset. Not only iit so s ugly overheard and scoffed at … But it was, moreover, also true! It was still too fish and did not know English Language! And some of her friends already knew a few words! Or they lied, they know … and it was nothing for the soul, as indeed, the rest mermaids Sargasso Sea “… The Little Mermaid thought. Down there, on the huge depth in complete darkness are the skeletons of very old ships. Most are listed with silt, but one very large ship is stuck in a convenient crevice on a high rock, which blows a small undercurrent. There are rumors that if the ship is a lot of valuable items. But the next sitting and waiting for mining huge many-armed monster. Once, according to rumors, the little mermaid saw that the ship is not only far contours - echo-location - but close to, in light of its stars, fireflies. However, the monster then chased after them and barely escaped the Little Mermaid!
Ue-Uiiu asked Manfred to help her take off the bandage from the tail. He objected, but she insisted. Surprised that the wound had healed over night, he agreed to withdraw and gypsum. Bone and fused … Manfred ceased to wonder.
The Little Mermaid, faint from the heat, dived into the water.
- Well, no thank you or goodbye! .. - Manfred said, and sadly looked at the sea surface.
The Little Mermaid, which, after breakfast with Manfred was left hungry, quickly swam between algae - sought out disguised Sargasso large shrimp, crabs and then eat them. Diving deeper, dispersed, and jumping out of water, plopped down on the deck of the yacht. In his hands were two large shrimp.
- You caught shrimp hands? Someone would have told - would not believe!
Mermaid smiled.
Manfred took to restore order in the second kayutke found the fine-meshed net fish tank with a lid for the fish and gave Ue-Uiiu that it laid the shrimp. Mermaid immediately jumped back overboard with this basket and an hour filling it immobilized shrimp. And because of their raw Manfred did not eat, then podglyadela he cooks in the galley …
So they stayed for two weeks. Manfred was asleep in his cabin, The Little Mermaid - in his. A day she pestered with questions about Manfred names of all items on board, figuring out along the way meaning of verbs, adjectives, and any other English words. Ue-Uiiu assimilated all at once. A week later, she uttered some phrases, and two - have little to say to the envy of her friends. However, she did not kept the evil and tried to teach the bridesmaids all have learned myself. And Girlfriends was growing. It was nice, but as a result of a drifting boat around to four feet deep had been eaten everything that moved, and the shrimp had to swim further and further …
For two weeks the skin mermaid completely free of scales, because their halos were transformed into dormant hair bulbs. And on his head even managed to grow a thick short hair, which hung on the tips of tiny flakes … and the body temperature through the efforts of the little mermaid stabilized at thirty-six and a half degrees!
One afternoon, Manfred began to read the book Little Mermaid Karel Chapek’s “War with the Newts” and drove with the finger on the lines. On this day, she did not swim to catch shrimp - she listened, watched and constantly asks to hear new terms and idioms. Manfred had planned this day to catch fish, but the Ue-Uiiu required to read and read … In the evening, Manfred tongue barely tossing … Something like dinner and canned goods went (crawled) in their cabins, the book The Little Mermaid took with them. Manfred night I heard on the deck barely audible singing, talking Ue-Uiiu. Quietly rose and left the cabin. The Little Mermaid sitting with her back to the board lit up like fireflies on her forehead page book and read it aloud, translating directly to the mermaid language … look at the sea, Manfred saw a lot of the same lights, like Ue-Uiiu on his forehead …
- “That’s fish!” - Thought Manfred. - “Just named the topic is a book! ..” - Quietly returned to his cabin, lay down and fell asleep to the singing of recitative-Ue-Uiiu.
The Little Mermaid in the morning slept when Manfred went on deck. Overboard between algae at times appeared shark fins. Manfred Mermaid awakened and asked for her guests a night they arrived, these predators.
- I know. We noticed the sharks from a distance. My friends - my sisters, they are very deep dive, the place where it’s always cold water. Sharks do not swim so deep.
Predator laid circles around the boat.
- Manfred why the book is so bad ends?
- This book is written with irony and exaggeration. The genre.
The author wrote about the salamanders, and mean people.
- Manfred, a mermaid - not stupid salamanders and fish are not stupid. We are real people. And we’re - one species. I just said a teacher from the far-distant underwater city, Eo Iu. She sailed yesterday with two other mermaids and stayed with us, and they swam back to tell us in this place. She said that we were mankind half a billion years ago, and the new time were accidental. Your scientists have now found the footprints of our larvae and called them Pikaia Gracilens. She has said that we have a lot of very valuable properties that could be useful new humanity!
Shark swam away all but one of the largest, which seemed to be waiting for something.
- Manfred. Tell me. You’re married to a mermaid if she brought beautiful legs, got rid of the tail and was the same as every modern girl?
- I do not know, I think …
Mermaid looked at the sea and saw a shark fin. Manfred did not give a direct answer, and the Mermaid was hurt in the shower. She has learned to move quickly on the deck with small jumps on the tail.
- Manfred, can I take a knife?
- Take it. Why?
The Little Mermaid has two sharp knives, large and small. Jumped with them overboard and swam toward the shark. Manfred read her book in which the fairy salamanders exterminating sharks with knives. She now personally decided to test this method of dealing with predators … Shark sensed prey and dived. The little mermaid swam straight forward, firmly holding both knives. Many years of hunting for shrimp made her unusually hands quickly and accurately. Not every karate could so work with your hands as mermaid. The meeting took place very quickly and in an instant Ue Uiiu shark pierced both his eyes. Unhappy Blinded predator, stricken with pain and surprise was to go into depth, but the Little Mermaid swam as quickly overtaken by a shark and a severe blow to her plunged a large knife in the spine behind the head, where he was stuck between the cartilage. Paralyzed stroke, dying body of a shark began to sink into the depths. The Little Mermaid swam to the surface, swam to the boat threw a small knife on the deck and said:
- Manfred, I will not soon be back, maybe one day, maybe two, maybe three. Do not worry about me, I’ll give you a big knife and later … what I’m asking you to anything you do not oblige …
And swam straight down into the terrible abyss of black under the Sargasso Sea.
- Come back, I had already decided everything!
But the Little Mermaid did not hear it.
Meanwhile, a shark with a knife sticking out on the ridge was drowned, and saw two other little mermaid.
- Look, someone killed a shark with a knife!
- Maybe it Ue Uiiu? Oh, I’m afraid. It can be seen, Manfred hurt her!
- Let’s return Manfred knife!
They took out a knife and swam straight up to the surface to find the yacht.
When arrived to the boat, the little mermaid, who is very shy, Manfred, decided to throw a knife on the deck and swim away. So they did. Manfred saw only noticed in algae tail … Little Mermaid swam to the Teacher Eo Iu.
Ue Uiiu not soon found and caught a shark killed. Sonar had a subtle peep-ultrasound, to see its echo path. She quickly plunged into the abyss. The little mermaid swam after her. The knife was not. It can be seen, and quickly dropped to the bottom left … She knew that somewhere here is the place where the terrible depths of buried skeletons of drowned ships, and in a convenient crevice is an ancient craft. And there lives the terrible many-armed monster … She was hoping that the monster will body of a shark, but she obyschet ship. But in a thick layer of mud to find a knife? .. Maybe in the ship, there is another knife, even better, then it would propose replacing Manfred … Little Mermaid assumed that at such a depth in cold water, good steel, probably saved more than on a warm shelf, where it has already found a similar ships, but there still overgrown with various living creatures, and was rusty …
Shark sank at a rate of twenty meters per minute, but the bottom was six miles, and is about five hours … terrible pressure grew, changed biophysical properties of tissues. Star on the forehead of blinding light, shining brightly and the strip of skin and scales on the ridge - on the crown before the dorsal ridge. The Little Mermaid is a need to see each other when they are in darkness swim in packs. But now she was alone.
Little Mermaid, who gave Manfred knife sailed to Eo Iu, which led to another lesson ancient paleoistorii with many thousands of students simultaneously.
- Master Eo Iu, a strange event happened, Ue Uiiu killed a shark with a knife and gone somewhere! On a yacht, Manfred! We took a knife from the sharks and brought him back to the yacht!
- Do you have returned to a shark, maybe Ue Uiiu floated a knife and did not find it? What if she would do?
- Master Eo Iu, we decided that if Ue Uiiu not picked up a knife once, then it is something wrong. Maybe it ate another shark?
- Traveling toward Manfred! You will swim with me. And you, you and you!
So to the yacht Manfred arrived a procession of mermaids.<br><br>
- Sir Manefred!
Manfred looked overboard and saw the face of a mermaid. Beautiful face with big blue eyes and golden hair, braided in a braid. Mermaid beautifully told in English.
- Hello, sir, Manfred. You might let me climb aboard?
- Oh, yes, of course, will be very happy!
The mermaid dived, removing and jumped aboard, deftly ammortiziruya tail fin, was left standing on the tail, a curved arc, in a gown of white opalescent fabric.
- I am Eo Iu, pikaia from the Australian colonies pikaias. I need to discuss with you some important questions.
- Yes, yes, of course, very nice to meet you, I’m Manfred Ruth! I myself would love to discuss everything. In truth, the past few days I began to suspect that I was going roof. I would be glad if you give me anything Clarify!
- I’ll try. You are a yacht, Manfred? You are alone, you have no family?
- I was, but it happened … we got divorced. And I have almost grown-up daughter, she lives in Vienna with my ex-wife.
- But, sorry, you have not found anyone else yet?
- Yes, I’m not looking. You see, Mrs. …
- Miss.
- Miss Eo Iu, I’m not young and not very well.
- And you float alone? ”
- Well, I left the yacht after the partition, there are some investments, bank accounts. I counter-sedentary lifestyles. Here, floating boat … although large, but easily managed. Generally I am jurist.
- You know what trouble happened … you fell in love with our girl. A year ago, you once talked to her a bit of Bermuda.
- I realized that there is such a girl. I think that all of our questions, we will solve it. But, sorry, I do not remember a year ago, I talked to this girl in Bermuda!
- You treated her squid, threw her overboard, and she ate them.
- It was a girl? Well! .. I thought this relic ihtiostega! I still have no one then could not believe!
- Yes, it was her. And then you drifted for several months in Europe.
- In the Mediterranean Sea. I was in Sicily.
- Yes, and raised the boat to the dock.
- That was prevention.
- And Your girlfriend lived at the bottom of the bay and waited for you.
- And then re-floated for your yacht.
- Yes, this is serious. Thank you. I think she herself wanted to tell me this.
- Sorry, that fits in your relationship, but I must warn you … one important fact. Now if you left it, it will die. Do not think for blackmail, you are in no way to blame … That’s the way our psyche.
- Such a phenomenon, and we have occasionally encountered. But we had … how shall I say … belong to different biological species! Is it possible to solve this problem? You are cold-blooded? You have blue blood! And what a star on your forehead, glow along the spine?
Eo Iu smiled.
- We are with you - one view, although it differs morphologically. Yes, we are - relatively warm-blooded. Heats up when we needed. But we can fix in the subconscious homoiothermy. Can take your girl warm-blooded mammal, even though it’s not genes. She herself this will do, will develop the necessary morphological structure. Glowing phosphors. It is very convenient. Modern deep fish and insects fireflies is an ancient money saved so far. In addition blood hemoglobin is hemocyanin and gemovanady - is also important at depth, but that the blood seems pastel blue. Analogue of our tail and gills have a modern human fetus, but you it can not by themselves … enjoy your baby being born, had completed metamorphosis. And manage the metamorphosis you do not already know how, because of your personality, which is responsible for a department in almost regardless of your will, a brain region that you have called the hypothalamus. But we have not lost these qualities and can help you to repay them for future generations! The major symptom of the form - an opportunity to give a normal fertile offspring. Examined and again - women mermaids found themselves among the people, led metamorphosis into conformity human norms, married, bear children! And, in this case, by the way, children were usually very talented, as well as the grandchildren! Later, however, these qualities were dissolved in the gene pool and almost lost in subsequent generations …
- And where are your men?
- Were all in this time-Pikaias men were killed in the first test of a thermonuclear device naatolle Bikini. They were curious - the king with the “guard” - decided to watch from afar.

It is “far away” was too close … Other men, and his wife died, along with children and adolescents who have not seen an explosion, and then searched for the remains of the king and the Guard and died later from radiation sickness. Simply, pikaias was not much - about two thousand men and only about forty. And there were more women, because once there was a case of parthenogenesis. Two or three primitive educated person about a hundred years ago, somewhere in the rich plankton off the coast of Indochina Sargasso completed metamorphosis without spouses, and this led to what they evolved into the vegetative form of meta … Parthenogenesed hundreds of thousands of millimeter larvae … Most were born dead . Who do not eat shark and tuna, those eaten by fishermen. Prior to metamorphosis lived a few hundred, I - one of them. We now live in a village deep in Barrier Reef in Australia and try to make sure that there were no such cases of parthenogenesis.
- That is, you can reproduce vegetatively? It is a pity that I did not biology …
- It is very concerning. Each successive generation of autonomic more degenerate, and such children are deprived of a normal upbringing. Therefore, girls who have attained the age of 15 years, if not find a husband, delaying metamorphosis. So we hold back development, and I live about 300 years. but those who are married - and pregnant after 7-8 months of giving birth to children!
- And here, in the Sargasso Sea, as I understand, the story of parthenogenesis was repeated, but survived much more people!
- Yes, you are very observant! ..
- Everything is difficult, but I think I understand. That is all, of course, simplifies the matter. Frankly, I myself had decided, at least, leave it on the boat … The girl seemed suddenly became dear to me … but .. my health, you know, she’s young, hot blood, “and I? And as it legalized? She has nowhere citizenship! And float forever on a yacht?
- From all diseases, it will cure you in a few hours. This is not a problem. It all depends on you. And legalizavat it is possible, we will be able to help. But there is another problem. We do not know where did it go after a shark killed your knife.
- She killed a shark! Mein Got! .. She said that she would be back in a couple of days, so I’m not worried, and swam away! ..
- Okay. Ue Uiiu no hurry to pick up a knife, then planned to go after him. Shark carcass sinks, and she swims to her on the bottom. Here, the depth - six miles. Something she needed there. - Eo Iu leaned to the side and asked for mermaid - Girls, you were there at the bottom?
- Yes, Master Eo Iu. At the bottom of old ships, one of them in a convenient crevice in the rock. But there’s a monster with many arms.
- Manfred, Ue Uiiu wants to find something for you on the old ship is almost at the bottom of the ocean. I think she expects a huge octopus, squid, who lives there, will the shark’s carcass, and she will have time to inspect the ship. This is a mistake. We might go down. If you have knives, tasers, lend them to us, please!
Manfred brought everything he had, including the mount. Nine of the mermaids, headed by Eo Iu, exhaling all the air from the lungs started to dive.
The first five hundred meters rowed fast, but then had to slow the descent - fabrics were unable to adapt to the demands of special conditions of high pressure.
Meanwhile, Ue Uiiu already hard at the bottom sonar and saw echo the contours of objects.
That’s the skeleton of the ship on a rock. From the point at which the shark carcass fell to the rocks with the ship - about 300 meters. The little mermaid swam horizontally, so that was right over the ship, meanwhile monster, who noticed a shark before, already floated to her. While Ue Uiiu down to the ship, Kalmar, hugging the shark carcass with powerful tentacles with suckers, began working trap to slow its fall to the bottom - in the mud. The little mermaid swam up to the ship, lit up the deck and swim in the open door saloon, and then began to look into the cabin. In one of the cabin she saw attached to a wall of swords in the scabbard. On the floor were the remains of human skeleton in kirasse and helmet, lying next to a black box. She did not lose time. Taking from the wall of swords, which are easily torn from the walls, she osvoboditla them out of the sheath, pick one, narrow and long. Then put kirassa, which has decayed belts, but rested on the shoulders without fasteners.
Monster balanced at the ship, slowly but surely dragging the carcass of the shark to the deck to safely eat it in a clean place, not digging in the mud. Another monster, the less his way into the doors of the mess-room to themselves and catch prey, just swim inside.
Ue Uiiu saw in the cabin doorway huge eye squid.
She knew that her strength - in the speed and impromptu and attacked first. Squid jerked the electric discharge, which was able to use Little Mermaid, turned and poorly wondering after electric shock, grabbed her tentacles with large suction cups, trying to gnaw its beak kirassu, she actively stung and stung squid sword and he was already close to the brain-ganglia, which have squid grabs the esophagus. A few more seconds, and the body went limp squid, Mermaid killed his brain. She herself was dented, covered in bruises and traces of suction cups, a comb tail tore  …  Only now Ue Uiiu realized that was killed by another monster, much smaller and stupider than that already was putting the carcass of a shark on the bridge of the ship. Kill and large it does not could. It only remained to try to quickly swim away … chances are small, but something had to be done …
Leaving the heavy crumpled squid kirassa, she took a sword and casket. Ancient Spanish ship, plyvshy once from West-India to Spain, came after the storm a calm, having a leak, and was drowned here, when the team got drunk sea water and distraught with thirst, at loggerheads and no longer pump out water. Somewhere there could be something more interesting, might someday in another time … Kalmar on the bridge saw fleeing the Little Mermaid. No matter how fast she swam - he swam faster. The distance is gradually reduced. Mermaid struggled … But suddenly appeared at the top of the bright stars - Eo Iu with her sisters sailed to meet him. Octopus, a former Flesheater more than a predator, getting some electrical discharges of “head” and gown, disappeared into the darkness. Sisters, changing, supported Ue Uiiu under the arms and lifted all of the above! Last hours, at critical levels of depth for a long time had to stop for decontamination of blood and lymph. Ahead was another day of slow ascent to the surface. Top sank new shark carcasses - is Manfred, who, whether he is a mermaid-man, has long been dived for his mermaid would at the very bottom, shot them with a gun.
Manfred, a little deaf from the sounds of shooting came to the wheelhouse at the buzzer lifted the receiver and transmitter.
- Aloha, Manfred! We sail to you on a ship of UNESCO, will be tomorrow night! Can take the lift.
- Thanks, Sam, in fact, you can not swim, I will choose! ..
- Choose! According to forecasts, will be calm for a month!
- Up to Bermuda I endure a mermaid, and then - no problem!
- Mermaid!?. Here, the joker! Okay, wait, do not be sad!
Manfred went on deck.
- Master Manfred, Aio!
Overboard from the water two mermaid head shining blue eyes.
- Manfred Master, lend us, please your fish tank, we want to include girls in depth to eat!
- What is known about them? - Asked Manfred, casting a fishpond.
- They shouted to us that tomorrow night will be here, and Ue Uiiu with them! She killed the old boat one monster, and the second drove Eo Iu with the girls!
Tomorrow evening promised to be fun!
Manfred night almost did not sleep this morning pulled out a box of canned food pantry, which opened without a key, put them in a bag and trehsotmetrovoy thick fishing line was slowly lowered into the depths. Afternoon string beginning to twitch … and then become easy - mermaids eat canned food and Manfred had looped the string back.
The sun was on the horizon, Manfred stood on the deck and watched the approaching ship UNESCO, Sam cheerfully winked his spotlight.

Light splash - and flew aboard Mermaid! She was wearing a new white dress, is the same as Eo Iu. She was standing on the curved arc of the tail, and stretched Manfred gifts - conquistador-sword and a black box. Manfred saw no gifts, he stared into the dark turquoise eyes of his girlfriend and walked toward her. Came up and hugged …
Meanwhile, UNESCO ship swam very close, and jumped on board, nine more mermaids.
- Hey, Manfred, that the people on your deck? - Sam asked in a megaphone.
Manfred silent. He embraced the little mermaid, and noticed nothing around.
Sam threw a rope and stared wide-eyed as Eo Iu picked up and reinforced. Sam, Pete and Susan jumped on the boat
- Hey, stop to hug when you’re talking to friends!
- Sam, we can not … We too have not seen each other! ..
- Yes, see you there free time to lose! .. Hello, ladies!
- Hello! - (Chorus …).
- Welcome to our wedding! - Solemnly uttered Eo Iu. - Let me introduce you to the bride: Ue Uiiu. Yesterday she produced her dowry in a battle! Won the giant octopus at a depth of 6000 meters!
Eau Yiwu picked up the box and opened it. The box was black, therefore, had a thick black. In it lay a dozen major right uncut crystals of famous Colombian emeralds.
- Tell me, Sam - asked Eo Iu smiling - but … how do you feel in a society of mermaids? You are calm, if we meet ten times a day!?
- Hmmm … but you did not hear Euronews? Or, more generally, any broadcast?
Sam went to the wheelhouse, fiddled with the equipment and the ocean sounded loud euro-news.
- “… Of molecular genetics, Burdzhesski Carolina, a citizen of Australia, this caught a mermaid with a fish tail on behalf Ue Ooi, married in Paris for a Canadian paleontologist Pierre Cartier … … decided to hold a wedding trip, traveling to Europe! …”
On the surface of the Sargasso Sea were lit by tens, hundreds of thousands of stars lyuminoforovyh mermaids. There was a tysyachegolosy thin squeak of delight. Thousands and thousands of mermaids began to jump out of the water in clouds of spray and seaweed, tumbling in the air falls back into the water. Seemed to have returned the time of the Cambrian seas!
- Queen Ue Ooi has opened a new era of Earth’s history!
- What will happen now, Master Eo Iu?
- Sail to Australia to get citizenship! There and settled!
Eo Iu looked into the eyes of Sam, Sam - in the eyes of Eo Iu. The camp was scheduled hardened bachelors new victim …

There was a calm tropical night, but no one slept. Sam pulled over the side of the research vessel UNESCO sheet and multimedia proektorom from your laptops showed the people of the Ocean movies on marine themes and cartoons.
Eo Iu helped him, inducing order in the hall. Susan in bright light luminophors showed all curious mermaid fit on a deck, a master-class makeup and nail polish …
- That did not think there will have to do it!
Peter with the sailors, explorers ship UNESCO and mermaids springing on deck, asked each other many questions and answered excitedly. Interesting questions missed, and it was about what to tell, and others! ..
- Just think, hundreds of thousands of you here! If all they want us on board the ship again, what good will turn! - Peter joked.
- Do not jump! The majority has no clothes, and they are shy! .. -Seriously said, a little mermaid.
Manfred with Ue Uiiu sat in a cabin on the couch, hugging and talking to each other many, many things, and it was very important!

1. Wedding in the Sargasso
2. Princess of the Cambrian
3. Mermaid in the European Union
4. Amazon of Sea
5. Loch Ness; Cambrian Crown of Kings

Leo A. Polishchuk


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