Solarit fell in love with Marilitu

When twilight had almost faded into moonless night and the sky shone with a myriad of stars, Charlie still stood with his back to the fire and waited for something unknown that was supposed to happen, but had not happened for four long hours. Ten paces from him, a pair of eyes and a dark silhouette lit up in the darkness … - puma! Here I waited. No, it was not at all for this that it was necessary to go alone to the Rocky Mountains “to the very place where I once was with my classmate scouts” … Jokes are bad with a cougar alone. Without weapons, only with a pin from the stand to the bowler hat, and pepper spray! It is necessary to make noise, sing, scare the beast! I turned on the iPhone at full volume - the batteries would last for a couple of minutes … A song shrillly sounded in the valley, Charlie sang loudly: - “Who We Aaare, Doesn’t matter if we’ve gone to faaar …”
The puma at first listened in surprise without moving, then suddenly ran away with long jumps. Charlie saw in the red glow of the fire the cat running in panic. It is strange how strongly the fire shines - the tops of nearby bushes, stones, and even … rocks in the distance began to shine with a crimson light! His back was covered with heat - something was clearly wrong behind his back! He turned around and froze, mouth gaping … Yes, he was ready to see anything, but not like that! And that’s clearly what he’s here for! On a flat stone platform where the Scouts once set up their camp, a ten-meter silhouette of a strange red-hot snake rose, raising three pairs of hands to the level of its head, and from each palm and from the mouth of a dragon-like head seven huge tongues of flame blazed upward. The long red-hot snake tail was twisted in the form of a spiral shield, on which the snake leaned, and a little higher, two dragon legs stuck out to the sides, clenched into elongated like fists. Attached to the neck of the snake was a head-mask with eyes and lively facial expressions, similar to a hacker mask! The mask looked at Charlie, and the mouth in a quiet, low, velvety female voice began to sing along to the song from the iPhone: - “Doesn’t matter if not our day …”, while the whole snake slightly danced, vibrated to the beat of the melody! Meanwhile, the sound quickly weakened, interrupted and died out. The battery is dead… the sound quickly weakened, interrupted and died out. The battery is dead… the sound quickly weakened, interrupted and died out. The battery is dead…

- Well, why, why … as soon as I was seduced by a good song, Charlie’s iPhone runs out of battery?
- And you tell him thanks that he even found a song for you.

A hoarse voice that sounded like an old cracked speaker sounded from above. Charlie looked up - a round object floated high above his head, obscuring the stars and slightly illuminated by the crimson glow of a strange Snake. From the flying object, his own “hacker mask” with eyes and lively facial expressions looked.

- Maybe try to charge the battery? - The snake darkened noticeably, the columns of flame decreased, it became darker, but the flying object activated the spotlight from a strong bluish-white light.
Don’t you dare give her an iPhone! She will burn him.
- What same you rude, fu! I just suggested trying. And not immediately, but later - when I cool down and discharge!

- Okay. Charlie, she’s about to finish blowing through her radiators. And you will relax a little, mentally calm down … How are you? Haven’t recognized us yet?

- Hmm… Well, actually not yet… But your masks… and your mannerisms… look a little like… My two classmates…
- Who are not among the living? Name us!
- well… you look like Paula and Roger. But they have already died under a landslide for half a year! I was at the funeral…
- We saw you and Emmy at our funeral, Charlie… through our micro-probes. You see, then, after the death of our human bodies, our souls returned to these special terrible and powerful bodies that we had even before we were born human. I woke up in the body of a solarite at a technical base beyond the moon, and Paula woke up in the body of a marilitu in the working gallery of the sole of the earth’s crust. These bodies of ours now… they are very strong and heat-resistant. They consist of neutronite - the substance of neutron stars …

- Roddy, don’t rush, look, you completely stunned Charlie, do you think he understood at least something?

“Ahh… Do I also have that old neutronite body somewhere?” - Charlie asked with a tremor in his voice - and Emmy? Is she in that body now? From the matter of neutron stars? But her living human body lies in a coma, in a clinic!
- Charlie … Emmy is really now in the body of a marilitu. - Rod tried to summarize the essence of the matter, but it turned out to be very difficult - Something happened that she does not want to return to the human world. Moreover, this is not even her body that she had before being born as a human! We haven’t found her neutronite body, and we don’t even know if it exists. She’s in someone else’s marilitu terraformer body!

- Is it very important? In some strange body… And where is she now? If it’s somewhere at the base of the earth’s crust, how will I find it there?

- It’s important! For exploitation and damage to someone else’s body, a terraformer can then be seriously punished! Roger furrowed the eyebrows painted on his mime mask.

- And you, Charles, if you firmly decided to return Emmy, then you will temporarily leave your body in a coma, and for a while we will connect you, that is, your Soul, into the body of a small terraformer, knocker technician and … Paula will see you through! And my friends and I will correct your maneuvers from above, and I will ensure all deliveries on the space sections of our raid …

- How do I leave in a coma? Some kind of clinic, perhaps? This is getting more and more interesting to me! .. Will it also be someone else’s body of a nocker technician?

- In the mobile clinic of my friend, a Japanese surgeon and his assistant. In a mobile private clinic… Uh… It will be in Tibet, not far from Mount Kailash…

- Ah… Oh, yes, I know about this mountain! Is the surgeon waiting for us there?

- Not yet. He still needs to be delivered there along with a mobile clinic and an assistant … But he has already given his consent. And the nocker’s body is a small working body, ugly like that … with a tail fin, a pair of webbed wings, two pairs of arms, bird’s legs … which does not belong to anyone in particular. Terraformers have a lot of them. They are occasionally used when you need to swim into the mantle.

“Yeah, can’t marilitu swim in their robes?”

- Can! Paula intervened.
- We can fly everywhere there, even in a mantle, even to Kewville. We just don’t usually go there. Because…because the robe is hot for a manicure! But you don’t understand, of course … Do you see such beautiful shiny scales on me? I made this myself from a tungsten-molybdenum alloy. It takes a very long and expensive time… All this can dissolve there…

- Do Mariliths fly in robes? What is it, air?

- No, there is, of course, magma… You’ll see for yourself later. You understand… all this liquid basalt, it… for those who are made of neutronite - it’s, as it were, such thick air! You see, Charlie, these bodies of ours are built of neutronite membranes. And neutronite membranes are about a hundred billion times stronger than steel! And they can withstand temperatures of hundreds of thousands of degrees. And these bodies are still very heavy and terribly strong! You will soon appreciate it! Yes, and the sense organs in these bodies are completely different, they are very effective. Therefore, everything below the bark, we see as a spacious cavity! Except for the core. For us, the Earth inside is, as it were, hollow.

- Aah, I see. The earth, in general, is, as it were, hollow, but not for everyone. But only for those who threw back the skates, or in a coma! Charlie smiled for the first time.

- Oh, well, Charlie, you understand everything perfectly! Good girl! I didn’t even know you were so smart! If you’re willing to take the risk, get through the crust, swim-fly a few thousand miles in a robe, find Emmy under the San Andreas Fault and convince her to come back… then over there, behind the bushes in the clearing, is Roger’s empty viman. You will climb into the passenger compartment, then Rodik will close you tightly, then he will climb into his drive capsule, then I will settle down outside - and - on the road! You only have an hour and a half of air left. During this time, we will fly on a ballistic trajectory to Tibet and there we will get off with you, and Rod will go after the Japanese pro.

- Wiman! Class! I always wanted to understand how it flies, what kind of engine is there?

Roger twisted his mime mask into a smirk.

- The engine … Ha-ha-ha! The engine is me. I am an engine, a pilot, a navigator, and… a fuel tank. Actually, I can fly just fine without this big tungsten-molybdenum tin can… But… the whole point is that this is my service work uniform with pockets!

Charlie began to clean up his little camp, to rent a tent.

- Yes, Charlie, and another very important point - added Roger. - Sorry, but you should not come closer to us than one and a half to two meters, especially to Paula. This is dangerous for your health. The trouble is that the metabolism in these bodies of ours is based on the controlled nuclear decay of ambrosia - a superfluid neutronite … In general, there, in some nano-cells, neutrons decay into protons, electrons and neutrinos. The protons remain in the cells, while the electrons are emitted as beta particles… There is a halo of beta brocco all around us. Then these electrons are decelerated by air and an electric charge accumulates from them. If a ground person gets too close to us at the moment when we are working … you can catch a lethal dose of radiation in half a second, or fall under an electrical discharge of thousands of amperes.

- Wow! Yes, you are now just some kind of walking-flying-crawling radioactive nuclear reactors!

- Yeah, that’s right, it is. And you can believe me - this circumstance upsets us terribly …

Charlie gathered his tent and backpack and went to the viman. This product had one significant difference from the “typical” drawings of “flying saucers”, in that it had retractable supports at the bottom only on one side, and on the other, they were all broken off or beaten off. Therefore, the Wiman fell slightly on its side, which made it look like a huge children’s spinning top.

Roger, silently watching what Charlie was doing, illuminated with his spotlight.

“You see, Charlie, half the props are missing here. I was so crazy when I woke up at the technostation in the body of a solarite. Then the memory of the former life began to return … I realized that the irreversible had happened and played a little trick …. I climbed into the viman and pounded it a couple of times on the slope of the Tycho Brahe crater… Then I had to straighten it, but I haven’t changed the props yet… Yes, you still… it’s better to hide the tent and backpack somewhere in the bushes. This is a large volume, but the cube is small. There are no air tanks here, only the oxygen that is there now. We will need to be in time for half an hour - an hour to fly to the place, and so that you do not suffocate!

- Okay … I won’t hide anything - I’ll put it between those stones. There will be no one here until spring. Is there no toilet in your vimana? Should I go upstairs, through that round hole—that is, through that hatch?
- There is no toilet. Therefore, you can climb, if you are sure, you will endure in the next half an hour. Kubrick is shielded from radiation… Well, mostly shielded, to the extent that will reduce my beta exposure to you to a safe level. And we will fly around the radiation belts, I follow their configurations. And get ready for overload!
How about artificial gravity?
- Yeah, gravity, now. Haven’t been invented yet!
- Chu … But I, so naive, dreamed of something so bright, beautiful!

Since there was no ladder, I had to climb on a slippery metal surface, clinging to each ledge, and the cockpit itself turned out to be a half-moon room with the same metal surface of the walls as outside … and with a sharp, complex smell of an old chemical laboratory, which tickled my throat. Lying on the floor, Charlie could, if desired, reach out with his hands and feet to almost all surfaces of the cubicle - this is the question of its size. Then the flying ball, which was now Roger, unfolded into a terribly heavy, snake-like creature, which closed and sealed the hatch by some unknown mechanism. crawled into its special compartment, fixed itself in the skeletal structure of the vimana, entered into working contact with all sensors and analyzers. It was called “Put on a working special. costume”.

Charlie found himself in complete darkness, in a cramped room, and although he had not usually suffered from claustrophobia before, he now became very uneasy. Solarite-Roger started, carrying the load of Viman, Paula and Charlie, while Charlie, due to a huge overload, for several difficult minutes, sprawled between the sloping “floor” and the curved “wall” of the cubicle. Then weightlessness suddenly set in, at that moment Charlie was thrown up from the floor and he cracked his forehead on the ceiling. Built into the inner wall was a small membrane-speaker through which Roger could speak in a hoarse “cold” whisper.

- I’m sorry, Charlie, I couldn’t accelerate and move otherwise - there were small gaps in the magnetic power corridors, and there were hard speeds in them. Everything here is designed for the strength of neutronid pilots.
- Damn, Roddy, I understand, but it was necessary to somehow warn. I probably now have sciatica, lumbago, thoracic hernia and a bump on my forehead!
- Sorry, sorry! … And Paula is also cooing compliments to me, like that during my lifetime I was a scorcher THERE, but HERE I was completely crazy … Sorry, sorry … and now get ready, there is a cool magnetic corridor, it will be even cooler …

There were three more “cool” corridors-tracks, each time Charlie either flattened himself from overload, then hit the walls and ceiling, but endured this torture in silence. Wiman suddenly hovered in one place and a long weightlessness set in.
- Charlie, how are you?
- I’m shocked.
- Is it difficult to breathe, or is it still tolerable?
- I do not know. Before my eyes like white moths, but I don’t know why. Either there is little oxygen, or a concussion.
- Here … I suddenly have a little problem … Wait, I’ll consult with … well, with my friends.

A few seconds later, after a short consultation in the solarite techno-thought, Roger was already speaking extra-lingua through a special intercom radio with Paula.
We suddenly have a big problem. The fact is that all three alternative force paths that can suit us pass through a new radiation flux. That’s what the Riders spilled on their last ascent over the chromosphere, pulling that big container. Post-control incorrectly estimated the scale of the prominence, the shape and trajectory of the plasma, now it’s all missed just in our path - a third-class proton stream. This is for a day, no less! I found only one solution, but you will not like it.
- What can I not like if it saves Charlie?
- There is a temporary frail magnetic track. On it, ten minutes from us - the Pleiadians-dendroids.
- Oh, No! I’m forbidden!
is a diplomatic group.
- It’s even worse! I am not a diplomat, I have no authority!
- Do you have another idea?
- No… Or you’ll leave me hanging here… Or… no… It’s even worse… Okay, I stuck it myself, I’ll answer it myself! Fly!
Roger warned Charlie that due to the bad configuration of the solar wind, he would have to spend a little time with his friends - the Pleiadian dendroids.

This time Roger was already accelerating and braking more carefully, but not because he stopped reckless, but because the possibilities of the power track did not allow this. The Pleiadians immediately agreed to help. It even seemed to Roger - they happily agreed, without waiting for detailed explanations. The airlock of the Pleiadian Wanderer was already open to its full width - Roger’s viman calmly flew into the airlock, which immediately closed and battened down. In a matter of seconds, the room was filled with a humidified and warmed nitrogen-oxygen mixture. Paula slid off Wiman and moved to the far wall. Roger had only to quickly uncork the cubicle and invite Charlie to go outside. Alas, Charlie did not respond.

From the side door, two short beautiful Pleiadian maidens in overalls, with very elongated heads at the back of the head, entered with a floating gait into a room with an adapted low gravity equal to about one-twentieth of the earth’s, rolling out a couch for Charlie.

Hello, Roger and Paula. If it doesn’t bother you, proceed to the shielded room next to you. We are now in protein bodies, and you are terribly beta-fonite!

- Oh, yes, hello. We have a passenger here … not responding, something …

- We’ll see.

Paula and Rod moved to the next room.

Fortunately, due to low gravity, with a mass of 80 kilograms, Charlie weighed only about 4 kg. One of the pleiadians climbed into the hatch to the unconscious Charlie and gently pushed him out of the hatch, where the second pleiadian picked him up, laid him on the couch and secured him with something like clothespins.

Two more inhabitants of the Pleiadian Wanderer came out of the next room and rolled something very complex, obviously of a medical purpose. This contraption was placed over Charlie’s couch, dozens of tentacles with a variety of attachments extended from the device, which stuck around him and engaged in super-advanced Pleiadian diagnostic-therapy.

- What did you do with it? - One of the Pleiadians turned to Roger and Paula. - You rescued him from the battlefield? Or from a fight? Or is that how the cops beat him up? Some cap.

- It was they who thrashed him. - commented another pleiadian - In the cockpit where he was - there is nothing for the convenience of the passenger. No anti-g chair, no gas control! He flew there corny with them along the magnetic tubes of cargo communications! It’s horrible! Just some sadists!

- We are not sadists! .. - Paula and Roger peeked out from behind the edges of the doorway with their mime masks. Roger, confused, began to explain the situation, - We wanted to deliver him in half an hour to Tibet, to the central Kailash lock. There, he would leave the body in an artificial coma, and he himself would be connected to the body of a neutronide-nocker and would go to save his girlfriend from … terrible depression. You understand, she left her protein body in a coma in the clinic after a car accident, and she somehow connected to someone else’s body of a neutronid marilitu! In some kind of working hangar … And he works there in a thermal gas exhaust system! It’s somewhere south of the Yellowstone plume! You see, it was our classmate, we were very friends! We need to help her get back! And Charlie is her boyfriend, who was driving when they had an accident. She’s just in trouble now

- Yeah… So he climbed in there himself, in this waste compartment in a primitive vimana? I mean, he knew what he was risking. Okay, that’s clear, we won’t lay you down. By the way, he comes to his senses. But then, here’s the thing… We’ll plant our control agent on him so that the body can survive the artificial coma without risk.

- Implant? Not! No implants! Paula intervened. “We know how you recruit our souls!”

- Uh… Yes, of course, no implants. The agent will be out of the body and will only deal with medical control. And your souls are of no interest to us in terms of recruitment, calm down. And further. We have a landing clearance for picking up passengers at several points on the surface. We can take Charles to Tibet by boat.

- No, that’s a bad idea! - Paula answered, - You pick up your diplomatic representatives in the presence of Ereshkigal service probes, don’t you? Does this mean that Charlie will be registered with them later as your agent?

- Uh… Paula, let me assure you that Charlie will be registered with Ereshkigal as soon as he leaves your Vimana at the foot of Mount Kailash. And then he’s going to move in Knocker’s body in the robes? And somehow you, after all, are going to negotiate with the Guardians? Haha!

- Yes, I’m sorry … Could you let us out of this lock chamber somewhere over Tibet?
- Drive the Wanderer with his 500 million tons of mass into geostationary orbit? In the same place, all tele-satellites will descend from their orbits! We can’t go there. In general, if you want yourself - please. Wait out the storm - and continue to move as you moved, on your own. For Charlie only, we will give our canister of gas mixture and carbon dioxide absorber and install a pilot’s seat in your torture chamber. With a return, of course.

Charlie listened and looked around him, delving into the meaning of the situation.

- Strange, I’m lying on my couch, and completely healthy, and no bruises, nothing hurts!

- Oh, unhook the clamps. Let Charlie get on his feet! - said one pleiadian to another. She took off all the semblance of clothespins, and Charlie carefully sat on the edge of the couch.

- Thank you! And there is weight, albeit very small! And Roddy said that artificial gravity was not invented!

- It’s not artificial gravity. They’ve got a five hundred million ton container of ambrosia under the floor, just a few meters away. Here, he creates gravity. Roger replied from behind the doorway.

- Wow! Is this the stuff of neutron stars?

- Yes, it is. Superfluid neutronite in a multilayer neutronite membrane container. These are their reserves, they flew with him from the Pleiades.

- Wow, little boat… Half a billion tons! Excuse me, Ooie, is that your name? Charlie turned to the Pleiadian.
- Yes, that’s my name. We have vowel phonetics in our voice language. Only vowels.
- Is there a non-vocal language?
- Certainly. Electromagnetic modulated. We have well developed electrical organs and special modulators for electromagnetic speech. You will not hear this speech, alas.
- It hasn’t evolved yet, but it’s okay, evolution will fix everything someday!
- Aldeady no. It’s incorrigible. And you in vain hope for evolution. Evolution is almost always only the loss of initial Know-How and the hypertrophy of some of the remaining ones. If something is lost - no evolution will restore it! Your branch was heavily degraded from the original trunk 560 million years ago. You then lost almost all the best know-how. And then, about 300 million years ago, they also lost the water stage of individual development. It now flows in a reduced form on the placenta.
- Yes, I understand that, I mostly agree. And what exactly is valuable we have lost, well, can you give examples?
- Examples? Oh please. Firstly, you either have only a protein organism, or only a neutronide. Moreover, being born in a new protein organism, you lose access to all the old memory! And we each have two bodies at once, a protein body and a neutronide. One of them is sleeping, the other is awake - and vice versa. The soul switches between them. Secondly, the eyes of our protein body see, in addition to red, yellow and blue, 14 more basic colors, from which hundreds of intermediate colors are assembled! We see ultraviolet, infrared ranges! We have beautiful electrical organs in the protein body, and this is a whole world of impressions! And there are many other interesting features. We have several respiratory pigments in our blood. Hemoglobin, hemoerythrin, hemocyanin, chlorcruarine, hemvanadium and others. At different pressures and different concentrations of gases in the mixture, we always breathe comfortably. And our protein bodies live much longer - thousands of years. And look how big my head is! Do you know what that means? Huge memory and a lot of useful skills and knowledge! Do you know how many languages ​​I have learned? More than five hundred!

- Wow! So not long and the roof to go! And just like that, I hear you spit in English without an accent! I know English and Spanish, I have enough for now. Why are you called dendroids?

- Ah, you’re wondering… Well, actually, our version is not exactly dendroids anymore… Dendroids are the most ancient variant of protein humanity. Do you remember how the early human embryo works? Taught at school? The trophoblast develops a special cone from which villi grow, and they take root in the maternal tissue during pregnancy, or in the egg in ovipositors. It is a homologue of the root system. And the other growth cone, opposite the first one, is like a plant shoot. It then develops into a “Fetus” - a future organism that separates from the shoot with the “root system” when the umbilical cord is ruptured. These are the rudimentary remains of an ancient sentient plant! There are many planetary systems where the original standard has been preserved in its original form, and on some planets in the Pleiades star cluster - too. They grow a huge tree from an egg! The tree may have leaves they undergo photosynthesis. And the flowers of this tree are the future larvae that break away from the tree, like your fetus from the umbilical cord. And become small fish. Then the fish grow, they develop arms, legs, lungs. They become teenagers, then their lungs develop, they wander out onto land, their gills and tail fin are reduced, and then they no longer look different from the people you are used to. But specifically with us, who are here on the wanderer … If you make a special substrate, then a very small tree can grow from an aborted egg. But that’s not what we do on the Stranger! Here we artificially limit the plant stage. We try to manage the pregnancy in the same way as you, but only this very rarely happens. This is because of the long lifespan of our protein bodies. And there are few of us on the wanderer. So here it is 560 million years ago, the same huge dendroids lived on Earth! And then sundews of the “Cambrian Explosion” appeared …

- Yes, it’s cool! Somewhere I even envy. Very symbolic: Children are the flowers of life! Dryad mermaids! I like you!

- You still listen to her - and she will recruit you! Paula intervened. - And then I’ll tell you about their shortcomings, to complete the picture, and you may change your mind. By the way, “sunflowers” in dendroids is a dirty word. It means dendroids that have lost the ability to photosynthesize. And then there are fern dendroids, which do not have flowers, and their growths are like intelligent Flatworms - terribly aggressive and very dangerous … And there are also dendroids in which dryads are intelligent arthropods, or mollusks …

- And why are all the plants on Earth now like, well … without the ability to think? Charlie asked politely.

“Ah… Because evolution has been so evil, that is, a terrible degradation… From those huge Venda Dendroids that died 560 million years ago, only long round holes-tunnels remained in the petrified soil, where their roots then grew, and also the imprints of fallen leaves, which your scientists call the “Ediacaran fauna”. And those who were deprived of the ability to think survived, and whose buds stopped developing into people, but became, at best, just external flowers.

- So, here, on the wanderer, there are also your bodies-neutronides?
- Well, of course. They either sleep in special cases, or, like, for example, mine, they support bio-nucleon processes on the Wanderer in a sleepy state.

Roger pushed his mime mask through the doorway.
- I received infa that the riders will be transporting a large container of ambrosia to the region of Indonesia for diving through the volcano into the mantle. They will enter a gentle trajectory and pass over Tibet. The container is docked with a large tech station. The cargo lock of the technostation is empty, it is well shielded from nucleon fluxes. I can ask them to go inside the airlock, and over Tibet, in a clean zone, we will separate and sit down! We have twenty minutes to prepare.

- Oh, I also wanted to ask about something … About abductions, for example!

The Pleiadians finished installing a chair with an oxygen tank for Charlie in the Wiman’s closet and began to take equipment out of the room, only Ooie lingered and continued the conversation.

- There are many planetary systems in the Pleiades, our Wanderer is just one of a huge number scattered across the interstellar neighborhoods for Adventure. Here, near your planet, some put their bodies to sleep in hibernation and sometimes they manage to be born as ordinary children on Earth. At the same time, everyone’s memory from previous lives is blocked. Life on Earth is difficult, short, dangerous… But it’s worth living! And those that are waiting for their souls back in the ships, sometimes they try to help, cure some diseases, just provide moral support … sometimes hospitalize for a couple of hours - to heal … but those who have now become earthlings usually do not understand what is happening to them do! They don’t even recognize their former close friends!

- That’s it…

But Paula and then screwed her fe:

- Yeah, and then they do not want to return to the Wanderers and cling to the chance to stay in the Cycles of the Wheel of Samsara! And all because the Wanderers are extremely bored!

- Paula! - Ooie for the first time turned to the Snake-marilita, peeking out from behind the door with her mime-mask - yes, really, it’s terrible boredom here! We miss people like you! Are we flying with us?

- Wow! Wow, just like that, right away … No, of course, this is banter, I understand … No! I have already become so entangled in the Wheel of Samsara that I can’t tear it off! And in general, in my last lives I am Latina, I was a Mexican, an Indian in Guatemala and … this neutronid marilitu … My place is on Earth, or in Earth! And… Next to my Roger! And thank you. You saved Charlie’s life. Now there is a chance that Emmy will return. Thank you … We owe you! ..

- Paula… Can you do me a favor?

- Speak.

“Here’s my soulmark capsule.” Give it to the Moirs, maybe they will let me be born on Earth as a human…

- Why do you need it? There are diseases, poverty, old age, meanness, humiliation, violence, injustice, and so on and so forth…

But do you want this for yourself?

- I found what I was looking for. I found my Roger. Of course, it is better to love there… But how will we meet there now? We do not choose when and where we are born …

- So I, too, am ready to endure all these diseases, old age, meanness, and so on. Fight them. But find your short-lived happiness there! When all the old memories do not interfere.

- I’ll pass.

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