Atrois exchange

( Flash fiction,   Leo Polishchuk

Institute of Molecular Btology and Genetics of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine )

Marcus looked at the flowers. Three years after Marta’s death, the flowers were not overgrown with weeds, despite the fact that Marcus hardly touched the rock garden, only regularly cut the grass on the lawn … And Turkish carnations! Marta sowed them a little bit,  but they settled throughout the rock garden! However, now something has changed. The flower buds have ceased to open, a continuous carpet of weeds has risen everywhere.
At night, Marcus drank sleeping pills. It seems that he drank the maximum dose twice … He woke up in a strange, very realistic dream. Next to him..,  above a long snake tail, coiled in the form of a flat spiral, was rising a black six-armed snake. Fnd the palms of the hands also looked like heads, so it was not clear whether it was six-armed or seven-headed. Below the semblance of shoulders, but above a pair of dragon legs clenched into a semblance of nine-fingered fists, a strange hemisphere was attached to the serpent’s body.
- Oh, is that you, Marcus? Hello Marcus, I’m Martha…
- Hey! What? Martha? Are you a snake with six arms?
- Yes, I am like that now, after my death on the surface I returned to the body that I had before I was born there by two people according to the incarnation plan. And you.. I wonder how you ended up in my second sleeping body-neutronid? Here, in my cell, at the base of the Earth’s crust?
- I drank sleeping pills and fell asleep. Weird dream…
- Here is.. the world of neutronids, Markus. We consist of living neutronite membranes, this is the substance of neutron Stars. We are terribly strong and heat-resistant, so we perceive all this liquid lava around us as transparent cool air. Marcus, I love you, just to the point of madness… And I suffer terribly here because you are not around… I always fly to you with my nano-probes, and then dig with them in our flower garden.. Come on let’s hug!
- I also suffer terribly without your hugs, Martha! Let’s!

- Ah, he fell asleep, and his soul was captured by demons and hacked into this body! - There was a thin voice-squeak from somewhere above.
Under the ceiling fluttered  small jellyfish-neutronid.
- What are you doing here?
- And we flew in when the demons in the bodies of snakes of the Chimera of Chaos opened the door here and attached Soulßblockers to both of your neutronides! They also captured Marcus’ soul and hacked it into a sleeping body.
- Chimera of Chaos? It’s in Tartarus, Centre of the Earth! The Chimera is fixed by the Hekatoncheirs! How could this happen? The secret services of Ereshkigal and Gabriel’s are there! I think, Demons to capture such souls that are somehow psychologically connected with the souls captured earlier. End sleeping pills … Oh, if I were alive there, your sleeping pills would burn in the fireplace! ..

- You need to open the door so that the nanodrones lockpicks of Bakar Kut fly in here! - the jellyfish squeaked again.
- What?
- Ereshkigal said he is the Starcatcher!” He synthesized nanodrones-lockpicks, and they roam everywhere and kill Soul blockers!
Martha Crawled to the door and flung it wide open. Beyond the threshold lay several tiny neutronid drones, some of which were trying to move.
- These are nanodrones-lockpicks, they are hungry! - One of the jellyfish squeaked, - Do you have any ambrik?
- Yes! - Martha took a small capsule of ambrosia, a superfluid neutronite, from a shelf and crawled over to the nanodrones lying on the floor outside the door. Ambriks, as you know, are used in the Intra-Earth not only as money, but also as food.
- Marcus, before we get you rid of the blocker… The other half of my soul is in the body of a girl, in Geneva, or nearby … I don’t know exactly where she, and what her name is. You can try to find me there… But we don’t recognize each other there, and my name is something else… There is only one hope. Maybe if we see each other by chance…
- Mutual love at first sight! Martha! I will find you there! And you will whisper to me later in pattern’s… half asleep, as you sometimes did: is it you I found?
- O, no, even if I find out, I won’t whisper, don`t even hope. But you can’t go wrong! It’s impossible to go wrong with this. And besides, I have to fall asleep again, be born somewhere again…
- And what about our flower garden?
- What are you, armless at all? Take a hoe, a shovel - go ahead! ..
Martha pierced the membranes of the ambric with the proboscis spikes of the nanodrones so that they would drink the ambrosia. After that, the nanodrones attacked the blocker hemispheres, which immediately fell dead on the floor from both of her bodies. The hacking of the trillions of nucleon soul connectors in the Neutronid body disappeared and a negative taxis was formed for Marcus’s soul. By that time, the native glycan connectors on the lipid rafts of trillions of cells in the terrestrial organism had returned to a fairly stable state. Trillions of the components of Marcus’ Soul were immediately reconnected with them, and he immediately returned to his native sleeping human body. Thus ended his strange dream.
A day later, Marcus finished weeding the flower garden and was already loading his suitcase into the trunk.
- Hello, where are you going, Marcus? - Asked Sylvia, a curious pretty neighbor, who just rented a neighboring mansion expensively.
- Hey. In vacation. To Geneva. Hope I do come back notalone! Chao!
- Hmm, wow… - Sylvia whispered after Marcus’ car that had driven off. - And I just came here from Geneva … I haven’t been there for a long time … I’ll go and pack my things.

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