2. Princess of the Cambrian

So, here it is, her honeymoon. Ue Ooi did not sleep. The whirlwind of change, breaking free of the Peace Cambrian seas, if done now to stop and she inwardly relaxed and tried to comprehend all what happened.
… Ue Ooi remembered his mother’s voice. Pikaias fetus, the larva is well heard, analyzes, stores … Mother was a princess, a sister of the Queen, had a good education and upbringing, the corresponding position. She knew how much, and being pregnant, a lot of work with future children. Fifteen years ago in the battle his father and mother were killed near the King and Queen of the Southern metropolis. Some kind of battle friends, dying herself, has uncovered cloth, and Ue Ooi, who had had a name, a small 20-centimeter-larva, tearing the placenta, along with three brothers, was immediately in the thick of the battle field. Born in a fierce battle with his brothers Ue Ooi, slightly raised by his mother already knew about it and knew how to speak. After a terrible defeat in battle so brutally born babies, with bated breath gill, hid in thickets psylofits when the cohort and a half-meter spriggino-trilobites with large heads, threatening to poison spikes, sharp eyes and nimble bodies, covered with plates of chitinous armor, go through the bottom and surface waters of the battle, strewn with the corpses of the fallen, seeking the wounded. Then, miraculously chosen with shallow water, the kids found it empty deep sea have long been developed a lot of floating Sargasso islands and large plankton fields between them. In these Sargasso before the beginning of the expansion of settled many single mermaids. And there, as is usual in single mermaids had abort many hundreds of thousands of partenogenesed larvaes…

Once surrounded by hundreds of thousands of kids from two to 10 centimeters long, Ue Ooi brothers soon became leader and teacher - the Masters. Spriggino-trilobites, then too quickly calmed down … Ten months later, eight hundred thousandth well-organized army of small mermaid-fish under the command of three energetic young princes and princesses Ue Ooi on their own initiative and without knowing anything about the political situation, while a surprise raid four two hundred thousandth legions with minimal loss devastated four main shallow-water province, destroying almost all the new settlements spriggino-trilobites and their domesticated creatures and destroyed nearly all the plankton swim in nauplii larvae. Spriggino-trilobites fled in panic from the seas to the rivers, putting barriers in estuaries. In the world once again began to mobilize and smell of war. And then came the big diplomacy … Let the deep sea for almost a unanimous decision of the world community had to leave! Performing a resolution of the then UN Army militia was disbanded and dispersed shelters truscheb outskirts of southern megacity Aua-ee-ii-ooa, where they will join the already huge masses pikaiass Lupin on the plantations … Ue Ooi and his brothers and hundreds of other nominated Marine warlords identified in the Royal Lyceum, where up to fifteen years, received what is now legally be called a triple-biological-philosophical higher education with a Master’s degree …

Ue Ooi was able to fight but could not endure the war. Demonstrating derring-do, it’s always hard pressed to imagine the fear and the only sense of responsibility for the lives of the faithful to her friends helped her to fight and win. She possessed great unarmed (untailed) combat skills, but could not bear fights. Perfectly learned all the wisdom of diplomacy, but … not like diplomacy!

Another thing - scientists, paleontologists, biologists, astrophysicists! .. Fourteen years of study and work gradually smoothed memories of the atrocities and horrors of the first year of life. And there are many new, extremely interesting. Astrophysics, which is so extraordinary told her about the planets, stars, galaxies, Metagalaxy; these constant errors in the calculation of complex, difficult to predict traektorii-orbit UUeuei - a small moon, and the predictions in this regard, Doomsday, which is usually delayed with at once again! Biology - the science of life, with elements of chemistry, informatics - has given some interesting information about the structure and physiology of various terrestrial organisms, and paleontology has told her about the least interesting world of ancestors - zoofitah-cestodes-turbellarians their particular bilateral symmetry of glide reflection, which has hundreds of millions of years ago, had a powerful mind, sharp eyes, ears and other senses, and lived at sea and on land and in the air! These were the ancestors and its people, and Spriggino-trilobites, and all other multicellular animals and plants of Earth, except for mushrooms and lichens, which were even older …

… Center of the Southern metropolis, amphibious city Uuaaii-ooa, drowning in blue and green psilofites mangroves, an annual celebration of the victory, the parade on the main shallow-water area in front of the royal palace. Ue Ooi on the balcony among the honorable citizens of the Southern metropolis. Fifteen years ago, she and his brothers brought home a huge army of people like herself mermaids, armed only with an electric organ and unscrew forward Shipo-eminent acute childhood teeth glands of formic acid. Yes, even organizing and commanding talent and her brothers. This organized army, led by strong leaders, was a thousand times worse for the enemy than all the current passing over the area mnogoshipastye bat-freaks garpiynye developed far from the real war theorists and designers of vehicles and combat tactics. While it is true, there was no war all these years, and this is not so bad …

However, when the end all that funny parade? At the foot of the Capitol a number of huge dragon-like gunners, raising his head on the powerful necks, glowing halos glow discharges, have begun to deal with sharp protruding branched languages sparkling balls of ball lightning, which climbed up in the stream of exhaled air, picked up by the rising air stream with a loud bang exploded in height - fireworks!
Eiai Uiiu - Coordinator of the Academy of Sciences was at the pier in front of a balcony, waving and trying to shout down the thunder of fireworks.
- Princess Ue Ooi, you urgently need an interdisciplinary board! Emergency!
- Swim!
Ue Ooi moved along the rail to the rear edge of the balcony and jumped into the canal, where she was waiting Eiai Uiiu.
- Lost all Circumpolar biological expedition!
- Spriggino-trilobites?
- No, it there was not even close. There’s something else!
Circumpolar biological expedition! There, near the excavation site.
- And that the excavation? There are thousands of scientists and their families!
- From there to report the incident. And besides, it seems that more and lost almost all of the Astrophysical expedition. You remember - nearly over the pole expected flight at very low altitude UUeuei, they wanted to observe its surface!
- I remember, of course, in my opinion, two weeks later they again predicted an inevitable split of small moons within the lobe. Just above the other pole.
- Yeah, another End of the World! It seems that for them it has hit.
Coordinating Council had no information other than a single message through the chain of signal stations. Biological research bases circumpolar academic-town lost personnel. Ue Ooi entrusted with emergency services units were serving immediately, teams search groups - should at least form.

Rapid march of two days at the surface of the circumpolar sea … This is cool and the South Island glaciers in the highlands. Here, the famous South Bay Kings, with its shallow waters offshore, but here - the empty base.
Ue Ooi was startled by what she had to remember …
Crowds of men and women, scientists, students, interns, trainees, support staff - they arrived and came here from towns in the excavation - in the bay area, its special. detachment of the Office of Emergency Services … Thousands of large disk-shaped objects flying over their heads, which has become highly viscous water, thick, tight air, chilling the motion, and long, elastic manipulators of some air-power fields, exciting pikaias bodyes was seized and its one of the many, and spanning abducted in the volatile ships in round holes, which were immediately shut down completely … family members, husbands, wives and children clung to each other’s stranglehold, and so family tangles, were loaded into volatile ships. That was the beginning of the horror of the Apocalypse. That’s ended the first great period of her life. Cambrian seas are gone …

Carolina Ue Ooi still remember …
Small closed ellipsoidal cubby with a smooth surface inside the object kidnapped her, filled with sea water, devoid of nitrogen. Ue Ooi covered his luminophor, vainly trying to find traces of the hatch. She was afraid that nothing will breathe, but the lack of oxygen. It was a flying ship something that regulates the salt composition of water and dissolved gases. In this little room she spent about two months on subjective estimations. Almost all of the time sleeping. There was nothing to eat. Four strongly increased pressure, as if Ve Ooi dived to a ten deep, then fell again and was lost orientation up-down - comes weightlessness. After the fourth case of pressure rise was not lost weight and after a few hours Ue Ooi has been thrown out with the three-meter height of the opened holes in the ocean.
In that place was not deep, and was seen ashore. Severely emaciated Ue Ooi in the undertaken somewhere, put on her gray shirt with a smooth black stone stuck in it which has become too wide dress floated down because it was very hungry. On the rocks many are not familiar to her, but certainly edible seashells, and she nibbled. Floated around a lot of other totally unfamiliar to her creatures - fish. All underwater fauna was a stranger, like the rest of the underwater flora.
On the shore there were people. Ue Ooi swam along the shore and see people, cars and buildings. At sea, sailed boats and ships, but people in the water almost was not. No wings, no tail fin, no scales, hair … Everyone - children and adults on all grounds - after completion of metamorphosis.

Night was falling. Ue Ooi saw a big full moon, the apparent diameter is obviously less than before and on the Moon itself - an unusual pattern of spots. Hence, the moon is now on and it was once fell large asteroids. Minor was no moon. Is this yet another world, another planet? Or, no … - this earth, but - after many many years! .. Increasing pressure to ship the kidnappers could mean huge overload during acceleration and braking. Two overloads - acceleration and deceleration - there, the other two - again. But what is the actual time of flight - in fact at near-light speeds are relativistic effects? .. She talked a lot about this astro-physics! On Earth could get hundreds, thousands, millions of years! Hence, the people on shore may well be the descendants of her contemporaries, but change … Anyway, they are reasonable. And on the appearance, if someone, and related, it is likely she, not spriggino-trilobites!
Night came, Ue Ooi swam to shore and crawled on an empty beach, climbed to the tail fin and began to move in small jumps. Hydrophobic leather dress and soon dried up, and happened to a new phenomenon, the sudden and inexplicable - the black stone glowed crimson light, Ue Ooi fell, lost consciousness and woke, I realized that change. Tail with a fin is gone, but there were two legs. Do not become scales, but it was bluish-white skin on the head instead of scales - his short hair. On the body were the new T-shirt with a black stone, and her dress. The gills have not disappeared. On the beach, in the light of lanterns and the full moon walked two men, an elderly man and a teenager girl. Ue Ooi like to meet new people of the Earth for what it was, but an unexpected surprise put her in time trouble, she was not ready! This pale-bluish skin! There was no such color in humans, which she could consider! Transformation took the body a lot of resources and hungry, tired Ue Ooi was in a semi-unconscious state. Because color change, which she hastily ventured in front of approaching people poorly controlled by it … The skin has darkened, Ue Ooi was very dark … and it still does not know how to use the legs, which, moreover, unbearable aching in the joints moving! It would be better with a tail fin, it is at least able to quickly move vertically on the ground his short hops! Ue Ooi rose, leaning on the arm, the other raised in greeting and say hello
- Aio!
- Hi! - Answered the girl, the man nodded. And keep going …
Of course, now it is difficult to establish contact, it simply ignores … Ue Ooi crawled to the inhospitable sea to find a place to sleep.
- Dad, did you see what a thin girl-aborigine? Just like after the siege of Leningrad - the girl said in Russian - and zacham a very short tonsured!
- Yes, indeed. Strange, usually natives rather fatness.
- Dad, she was crawling to the ocean! All of a sudden it goes into the water?
- So what? Wants people to swim at night.
The girl stopped and looked at the figure crawling toward the sea. Here it is already in the water.
- It is just a dress crept into the water! It is under water!
- Okay, let’s see.
- It can not be seen!
Father and daughter went to the place where the cold waves in shallow lay fainting, Ue Ooi. She gets wet and again was transformed into its natural form.
- Dad, it is not a man! Look - she has a fish’s tail! She is a mermaid!
- It seems actress from filming the series. They are sometimes so watching the figures that are simply dystrophic!
- But in the TV series quite different from the tails of mermaids! Her head under water and it was clearly unconscious! And her tail is real, and instead of the skin - squamous!
She came to Ue Ooi in the backseat of a car. The man sitting behind the wheel, and a girl - at her side.
- Do not be afraid! - The girl said in English, which is a mermaid, of course, also do not understand. - We’ll take you to our house and feed them!
- First’ll drop into the store, you must buy something from the seafood!
The father brought out of the store a large bag with two pounds of shrimp and lots of fresh fish. Mermaid took the girl shrimp and ate raw. Yet come to the house - half of shrimp was eaten … Dad and daughter feared that it might be harmful after a hunger strike, but everything was normal. Ue Ooi again dried up, the black stone is red and shone under her dress, a tail-fin was replaced by his feet and returned empty swoon …

Ue Ooi slept on the couch in the living room for a long time, almost daily. I woke up the next evening. Nearby stood a table covered with caramelized sea fish and those same shrimp and a bowl with huge fresh strawberries the December to early summer have already appeared and Adelaide. Ue Ooi knew then - she’s very good friends, and she just incredibly lucky! A girl named Natasha, her father - Maxim, and her mother - Veronica. Ue Ooi named Caroline, and she did not mind … My mother was in the oncology clinic, and Natasha’s father and visited her every day.

Pick two weeks learned to speak at two new languages - English and Russian, learned to walk, overcoming the pain, and gained a healthy weight. She was very responsive mermaid, its system of electric organs and receptors in early childhood and developed adapted to diagnose injuries and poisonings, many wounded combat girlfriends. Ue Ooi seen electromagnetic images of people, saw violations in these images, and finally convinced - it is very close to people. The family has been brewing for a tragedy, and Ue Ooi asked Natasha to allow her to visit her mother in the hospital. Her white, washed and ironed the dress was shaped like a fancy gown. Mother was a pain and she slept because of drugs. Ue Ooi washed his hands and asked dad and daughter not to worry, hurt your skin with a fingernail on the back of his hand, so that the drops pastel blue blood, and put a wound to the skin pricked by a dropper in hand bend sleeping Mom, with subtle and complex that booed something, without opening his mouth … billion of its cells defenders Foro-cytes, histiocytes, creative mezenhimocytes, neutrophils, loaded with pluripotent cambium, receiving tasks moved to the morpho-genetic field of the body and Natasha’s mother, mimicking a mother’s native cells took up a challenge launched by removing oncological process.
That evening father took it for back pressure and drink tablets.
The next morning the clinic called. Mother has a fever, to almost 43 degrees Celsius … Dad looked reproachfully at Carolina Ue Ooi and went to the hospital. Twenty-four hours he was with his wife, who was lying unconscious with a very high temperature. Then temperature asleep and Veronica came to herself. Pain syndrome disappeared. Physicians engaged in analysis and research, and Maxim arrived home, measure up the pressure, drinking, tablets and went to sleep. At night, he was paralyzed ischemic stroke … Awakened Natasha phoned for an ambulance, and Carolina Ue Ooi again - hand soap itself and the skin on the paralyzed arm Maxima, injuring her and himself to it, combined and re-wound thin-squeaked booed by giving new instructions milliard second smallest nano doctors moving in the morpho-genetic field, a new patient … Third, the last billion defenders keep. Suddenly switched off the light. Carolina Ue Ooi woke their luminophors and lights them. Luminophor in the forehead mermaid blinded Natasha’s eyes, neck, along the ridge, too light, but not so bright. Natasha looked with eyes wide open!
Ambulance took the father, Ue Ooi alone with Natasha.
- I believe you! - “Natasha said.
- I hope my little army.
- Now I understand. You’re not just a mermaid. You - The Swan Princess from a fairy tale!
- Can I tell her?
- Can a little bit. Listen.

- They say the princess is that it is not possible to divert the eye,
All graceful and majestic, acts as if peafowl,
And as it says something, though small river babbling!
Happy Day of God overshadows the night illuminates the earth,
Moon under hair shines, and in the forehead - the star burns!

- And anything else you remember?!
- More? Listen.

- Somewhere rise turbulent ocean, raise howl
Wash over the beach is empty,
will spill in a noisy running, and found himself on the banks,
In the scales of the heat of grief, thirty-three knights
All the handsome young giant removed
Are all equal, as the selection, with Uncle Chernomor!

Ue Ooi suddenly saw a bright image in the memory of the last parade on the square Uuaaii-Ooa, the king and his guards …

- Who is this poet?
- Alexander Pushkin. Here, on the shelf three volumes his works.
- I’ll read it. As soon learn to read in Russian!

Days later, father was discharged healthy. After another day and mother was discharged. There has been a rare phenomenon in medicine. Mother suddenly regressed kidney cancer along with all the metastases, and dad is incredibly fast - one day, without any consequences rehabilitated after stroke. And forever disappeared hypertension.

Later, when Ue Ooi found a pikaias colony of the Great Barrier Reef, she saw there were two remarkable monument storytellers, Hans Christian Anderson and Alexander Pushkin, by pikaias masters. High foreheads spiritualized those Hans and Alexander were decorated with bright artificial luminophors.
And both had a wonderful, gorgeous mermaid tails with wide ridges fin … But what about in the sea - and without a fin!? Who knows, maybe calling the Island Ruyan - Buyan, Pushkin took, and by chance and gave the ancient mystery of the kind of Rurik … Anyway, now this one and did not check!

Carolina Ue Ooi recalled how immigrants lived in the house, helped run the household, learned to read and write in English and Russian, watching TV and rummaging the internet, but the house did not come out. It turned out that the transformation of her natural look and place back in contact with water, if it was wearing a “shirt” with a stone that got it from cosmic kidnappers.
- Natasha, tell me how is the science that studies the ancient organisms that lived on Earth millions of years ago? once asked Ue Ooi, rummaging in the i-nete.
- Paleontology.
- Thanks ..

Ue Ooi looking mermaids. Mammoths, mastodons, pterosaurs, ichthyosaurs … Long opened the site for the site, but found nothing. And then suddenly found a link to the forum evolutionists to an article in Wikipedia: Burgas black shales of the Rocky Mountains in Canada, the Middle Cambrian … Pikaia Gracilens! And read it - 530 million years.
- My world is not already 530 million years.
Sat a long while, thinking.
- My world is, he’s already 530 million years! Natasha, you - that’s us! I - one of you! That is, one of us. I need to become a citizen of Australia! Where can I get it?
- No, not yet! With you it can happen trouble! Australian citizen can not be any! You do not even have a birth certificate! - And Natasha told Ue Ooi all the complexities and subtleties of this problem.

Two days later a family of immigrants came to visit dark honey. nurse from the clinic.
- Hi, Veronica, a thousand apologies, I have for you is a very important question. It concerns a girl who came to see you at the clinic two weeks ago.
- Yes, of course …
- It is you live, who is she?
- While staying with us, yeah … She … orphan. She remembers nothing about his childhood …
Carolina came out to the guests and answered the salutation.
- I had not had time to consider you, sorry. You’re dark-skinned, but you’ve got big dark-blue eyes. Very large and very blue. In humans, these eyes did not happen. You know how to treat people as no one doctor and native healer-Australian … My uncle, William wants to see you and can offer you help. He is an old and a little weird, but he is kind and wise man, and he knows a lot. If possible, I shall come to him at a convenient time.
The meeting took place the next day.
- I know you’re an incredible creature. I am sure that your path - Rainbow, you’re the daughter of the Sea, a long nap in the sky, now you’re on land. I realized that you do not have documents. My sister that lives in Alise Springs, had a daughter who was born eighteen years ago. The daughter of long-vanished without a trace, but the remaining documents. We say that you - this is it. So you become a citizen of Australia. But you’ll have to live among us and learn something. Otherwise you will not believe officials!
Since Ue Ooi was among the aborigines of Central Australia near the town of Alise Springs and held them for a month! Maxim Borisovich ordered for her colored contact lenses to the eyes were dark, gave a mobile phone, and Natasha helped buy a new practical clothes.
A whole month Ue Ooi, painted with white clay, roamed the woodlands of 200-300 kilometers from Alise Springs along with the natives with bast basket and a wooden spatula, trying to hide from the hot sun under the few trees in the background, which almost was not. Picking berries, digging roots, and larvae from the roots vitzhuti vincheti, which baked on a stick over a fire and ate. Lizards and snakes are baked in the ashes and ate their fried eggs, honey ants feast on the abdomen, and quickly learn simple language, came into the life of Aboriginal people as if they stayed a lifetime. In addition to the actual language Aboriginal later, in Alise Springs, she familiarized herself with local slang and swearing highly appreciate it. But we must understand Ue Ooi, childhood which began in very specific circumstances mermaid gamin! .. And the local tramps after one spectacular familiarity with electrical Aboriginal tried once again to keep out of her path.
A month later, Ue Ooi arrived in Alise Springs to William’s sister. At the reception desk were no problems. The name of the missing girl in the opinion of William superstitious to wear was not in any case, and Ue Ooi managed to re-register as Burdzhesski Carolina.

But then, when she took up social scientists with their TEST … Ue Ooi good time to learn English, badly written, but is easily retold once seen the text. It is easily divided and multiplied in the mind of a six-figure numbers. She remembered what she read about the Aboriginal and drew a map of Australia, marked on it all the main clans of Aboriginal people and talked about their features. Ue Ooi filled TEST TEST for and sociologists have found that she knows a good astronomy, geography, history of Australia, much of Australian paleontology, zoology, botany …
- How do I know all this and know how? And, as a long-Russian immigrants taught to read and gave a look through some books. And I remember all the text and then into the bush mentally recalled and read! ..

In general, social scientists like to see her in Sydney and immediately offered to drive there, but Carolina pretended that she was not even interested in Alice Springs and it seeks to return to the bush … Hiding the business card, she launched sac and before the eyes of sociologists ate baked vitzhuti and kangaroo meat. Promised to come again next week … William and his sister after a special pikaiass course of general treatment, which apparently does not particularly different from conventional quackery, for decades to get rid of health problems and long ceased to grow old …

Was in the bush a distinguished appointment. Two old, primeval-looking unfamiliar native and long time staring at Ue Ooi. She looked at old and knew it was not the people … And do not pikaias! Both externally on each other were similar, but in its electromagnetic character - completely different … Ue Ooi was not then acquainted with them, she was frightened.

A week later, Carolina was in Sydney, had a temporary housing allowance, scholarship and preparing for externae test. A month later she had a certificate of secondary education and a month later she completed a driving school and obtained a driver’s license. Problems arose only with honey. Commissions, had to hire teens to pass them for it … Carolina afternoon preparing to enter the chair of biology at the University, and at night often swam in the ocean and lay on the seabed …

Biology in the new time has major differences from what she learned in the Cambrian. The new time created a lot of powerful instrumental methods that help monitor and systematize intracellular processes, complementing the capabilities of natural senses artificial detectors. In Cambria, physiology, cell biology, genetics was based on the fact that there was natural senses. Yes, of course, senses pikaias much harder and more accurately than the current people, and they can be further developed, specializing in metamorphosis, but these opportunities were still limited. Electron and fluorescent microscopy, immuno-fluorescent histo-cytology, new methods of molecular genetics have given such opportunities, which in Cambrai and never dreamed of … But in the current theory of evolution of mankind undoubtedly reigns outside and Biology dictates manipulators who developed clearly false theory of the so-called “Evolution”! What is the meaning of this manipulation, Wehe Ooi had yet to understand.
Carolina Ue Ooi admitted to the University. This event is very fun and warmth indicated in the circle became very close friends in Adelaide.
Becoming a university student, Carolina soon joined in science. Learning was easy, she remembers everything at once and forever, mind expanding knowledge of the “shelves” of memory. She was interested in molecular genetics, it was necessary to compare its genye devices and modern humans. Capacity to provide sufficient and based at the University, and other strong research groups in Sydney, where the acclaimed work of enthusiastic students and for this they were allowed on the existing basis in the evening to conduct their own research.
Usually a day in those days had to deal with a lot of molecular genetic research in oncology. And then in the evening - to investigate their tissue. The number of chromosomes in it, and modern humans was the same, but to assess features of genomes and to investigate centromere regions of all chromosomes was not easy, if not - impossible in her situation … But sequenced mitochondrial DNA Ue Ooi was fast. It was almost identical to the mitochondrial DNA of ancient Cro-Magnon lived 100,000 years ago! Therefore, Ue Ooi did not compare all the centromere regions of all chromosomes, and that a single chromosome. After a few setbacks was the centromere of one of the chromosomes to find the exact homologue on chromosome modern man …
Work Carolina has not gone unnoticed … Moreover, she was under scrutiny one academic lady, Maggie O’Brien, who once accidentally saw the color of blood from this student. Further - more, this lady got to the workbooks, found drugs of cells with metaphase spindle and saw photographs of gels with the DNA profile of …
- Kari, what kind of drugs? There are a huge chromosome, the total length of five times more human! This, as I understand, the cells salamanders?
- This is my chromosomes. And here’s my mtDNA! See, how interesting! Mitochondrial DNA indicates that I am an ordinary person, and the chromosomes are very large. The blood is blue … So I’m trying to understand that in my particular …
- Yeah, it seriously … You are uncommon, not only in their success. There is a powerful system … This mutation must be investigated.
- Let’s explore together! You think maybe it’s one of those mutations, which lacks the evolutionists to prove evolution! ..
- Uh-huh … Or the effect of contagious disease, which kills all …
- Noo, I have half a year in Sydney, did not infect anyone, I am no infection is not killed, rather the opposite … A lot of you have seen Aboriginal people - molecular genetics?
- A little bit!…
- Here, then is the same! Let’s find out why I have such blood?
- Well, let’s explore … just no one else did not say that! Let this day be a surprise for everyone!
And so, after that conversation began a series of studies that led Carolina Burgasski to Paris ..
Once Ue Ooi got in a car accident. Opel, lost control, drove into the oncoming lane, braking, moving toward her little Toyota. Ue Ooi managed to maneuver, has done all it could, having had to leave on the fringes, but the Opel was almost not control, and also appeared on the fringes … hooking wing trunk Toyota, Opel, moving the roadway, stopped on the roadside, and the Toyota flipped. Ue Ooi had time before to open the door … The little finger on his left arm was severed in an accident. Tucked in his pocket … got out of bruising car and went to the Opel. The elderly driver was unconscious. Again, a stroke! What are the weak people in this time! Called an ambulance, pulled from the trunk of the bottle with water and soap, washed skin at the hands of himself and the driver of Opel, whispered, whistled song for nano-doctors, and only managed to send the wounded and a half billion competentocytes, as the police come in large numbers with more likely fire … car from rent was insured, Carolina was clearly not to blame. She even thanked for his driving skills. Wounding she managed to hide …
After reaching the laboratory, Carolina wanted to hide his finger cut off in the fridge, but Maggie said her …
- Kari, that with your hand!?
- Oh, little things … had an accident. Do not worry, everything will live … in a few weeks to grow a new finger … And that I batted like explore …
- …?
Two weeks later, grew a new finger. Caroline called to the police where asked to give a new detailed written explanation of what occurred. Then he was invited to the hospital, asked again to explain in detail what kind of first aid, it has affected … Why, overclock! And no … And finally, the injured driver of the Opel and his wife, Caroline was invited to a restaurant where she was handed a check for fifty thousand Australian dollars in the manner of “moral satisfaction” and said that after the accident that injured, were very wealthy man and the president of a large company unexpectedly quickly recovered not only from a stroke, but also on all general diseases, very serious …
Once Carolina over the weekend decided to swim far into the ocean, much to the reef. Sailed to the place pointed out that local sharks were “frightening” - seeing it right quickly swam away. Swim for the Reef, I heard something in the ultrasound range … Dolphins? … Listened and cried herself in the same range! It was a roll call of mermaids in the pack! Since Ue Ooi found a colony of other mermaids … And they have spent the weekend …
How great was the joy of meeting and how great disappointment … The colony was not men-pikaias! Underwater monastery …
In the village lived underwater mermaid born in the new time. Latest Cambrian representatives - the king and queen, planted two centuries earlier, were killed … Ue Ooi was the only mermaid out of the Cambrian and, besides, royalty - the niece of an ancient Cambrian Queen …
- It would take us a little more, we could start a small kingdom, I would be Queen! ..- Ue Ooi sighed gills … - Okay, I’ll continue to move the science. By the way, got an idea! Weekly seminars on the new biology! And the history of the Southern metropolitan area in the Cambrian.
- Yes! Teach us! We simply suffocating without fresh information!
- And how will we live without husbands?
- Yes, in fact, you can try to get acquainted with the current men … But they are very unreliable. All attempts in the last twenty years ended in nothing. That is, the mermaids were thrown and died.
- What you say, Eo Iu, we are not able to deal with their common children?
- Here, just for some reason we can, oddly enough. Those mermaids that a few decades ago have managed to find a spouse, a person, cause metamorphosis into line with modern standards of the human and thus able to survive on land, in such marriages were born children, and children - the grandchildren! But that was long ago in Europe, the World War, traces of the Métis have long been lost even if the catastrophe in Bikini … Those who knew the address - were killed immediately.
- And that in the current Sargasso? You will not lose sight of?
- And that there may be? We have none, like in the last fifteen years are not lost without a trace … But we’re looking at times that there is a low-Indian waters.
- And in the Atlantic?
- But … But there could be?
- There is the Sargasso Sea. A huge number of Sargasso in four-meter layer of warm water.
- Yes, there is hardly one of our … There is inconvenient to swim, warm channels is hard to go unnoticed, and southern latitudes - cool, killer whales live there, which we fear.
- Eo Iu, let a month will send three scouts through the Suez Canal - Gibraltar - and within the Sargasso. We need to at least explore. Who knows … maybe if there’s not dirty, as they say …
- Well, I myself would be floated!
- Excellent. But still it is necessary to introduce you to my friends. I am two months later I fly to Europe for a conference and I can stay there for a month or so … I’ll worry about those who sail, and I’m wondering what you will bring news! And they can pass them to me!
So Natasha and her parents are secretly friends with mermaids.

Margaret O’Brien hurried to get the job done. She very quickly got to the core secret of Carolina and once tracked it in the morning, when she still had dried and was sitting alone on the shore with its tail …
- Hi, Kari! What is your wonderful fin!
- …
- And this bag of lobsters! You caught them myself?
- Oh, hi Maggie! And you have an unusually great legs! Lobsters? This is today’s student party. You’ll help me to convey? And, you know, while diving, catching, so tired! And they have so painfully plucked …
- You know, I have for you some interesting news. I dispersed the whites of your erythro … hmmm …-hemocytes, crystallized from biophysics to structural model and identified the emission spectra of … In general, there are iron, copper, vanadium. According to preliminary information, these thy … hemocyte hemolobin but still have a hemozianinum and hemovanadium, this is in addition to the fact that they have a nucleus. And now your tail! He that turns into a foot when dry, as in the Brisbane show?
- Well … Well, yeah, you convinced me. I did a mermaid. Everything is almost exactly like the show. Only without the super-volcanic island. And caudal fins, as you see, is oriented vertically rather than horizontally. Would you like me and you will build a?
- Oh, no, no, no! For research would be enough and your case … By the way, you have a bone contains chitin-like elements. A bone marrow - do something incredible! I have a lot to add in our article. On the conceptual side we would still need to ask your advice. And yet … our new extended a grant and an additional well-financed. You and I can still fly for a couple of weeks with a report and an article in Paris for a conference of evolutionists! If you do not mind, of course … I could and myself, but it is our common work …

Carolina Burdzhesski wanted to Paris. And Canadian, Pierre Cartier, too, decided to go to this conference. They have long communicated with each other at first on the internet forums, then to Skype. Pierre - the young paleontologist at first Caroline acquainted with findings in the Cambrian strata of the Rocky Mountains, and then had sent their photos and videos of Canadian scenery of those places, and then … they just talked every day, a variety of topics. And prepare to meet in Paris … Both have taken leave for the period after the conference on the work of Pierre, Carolina - at the University. Half of the savings of their Ue Ooi converted to the euro and shifted to a European bank.
- Pierre - joked once lightly Ue Ooi - that you would do if any of the peak, an imprint of which you once studied, was actually the larva of mermaid, but a relative of the mermaid would appear by chance in our time and would you meet her?
- What? Go marry her!
Ue Ooi bit her tongue … Pierre, too, was joking, of course, but Ue Ooi breathed warmth suddenly seemed as though she ducked into the underwater volcano …
- Pierre, I was - a mermaid from the Cambrian. I’m not kidding.
- Me too.
Two weeks later sailed for the Suez-Gibraltar route, Bermuda Eo Iu, Oio Iu and Eioa Iu. But two months later Ue Ooi and Maggie O’Brien went to Paris for a conference.
The flight from Melbourne to Paris in the airbus Delta Airlines to Ue Ooi was another more interesting adventure. Most of the time she looked on the window, looking at his unusually sharp eyes, then the surface of tropical Australia, the sea and the straits of the ocean surface, where they saw much more than that would see the man with the best binoculars. Atolls, reefs, somewhere out there beneath the surface - deep basin, rift valleys, underwater volcanoes, giant octopus, squid … But obviously the huge schools of fish and the masses of plankton, as well as the huge amount of debris, which over time will undoubtedly be a major geological label of the moment the paleo-history … However, the structure of the thick glass porthole seriously hampered see everything that is wanted, and Ue Ooi started as a joke to dream about the good wings from feathers after metamorphosis … stopovers at airports in South-East Asia, India, the Arabian Peninsula and in Istanbul were also quite entertaining for our ancient chord there. But it was in the evening, the plane did not keep up with the sun, and a porthole dusk. At Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris landed in the evening.
The modern airport of Charles de Gaulle, Paris summer night, Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel, shingenskaya crust in his pocket … the Conference of evolutionists - a special phenomenon in science, which is much more to do with philosophy and religion, than with biology. Ue Ooi, who knew about the flora and fauna of the Late Vendian Proterozoic era not from the literature and from studies of Cambrian paleontologist, and flora-fauna of the Middle Cambrian studied in the Cambrian analog University, perfectly understood the falsity of the arguments of evolutionists, which were due to “evolutionary” path of when the so-called “Cambrian explosion” and silently grinning counter-arguments of their “enemies” - the so-called “Creationists.”
Ue Ooi often went to the Canadian Pierre Cartier on the River Seine in the Latin Quarter, where they spent their time looking at old buildings, or in Monceau park, where they discussed issues important to them. From the first moment of meeting on the registration of both finally realized that without each other they can not live and almost immediately discussed this circumstance …

Margaret O’Brien was in a tight social circle and at first did not attach particular significance is happening with Ue Ooi. And Pierre introduced her to his mother, Louise Cartier, who, taking advantage of the fact, came with him to Paris and stayed with his sister in a suburban mansion, a posedny day conference on the date of the report Maeggi O’Brien, late afternoon, decided to make a modest wedding … All expenses claimed Pierre.
Ue Ooi told Pierre about his research and that she told a friend, a mermaid in an underwater village. Pierre was initially decided not to think about children, and no longer believed that this is possible, but Ue Ooi… There is an old truth, open, probably long before, as it is expressed Nietzsche - Female - the great mystery, and finding out it - child. Probably, because instead of mere curiosity, Ue Ooi tried to carry out all of these studies!
Once Pierre and Ue Ooi a long time sitting on a park bench, alone, went to shower … Pikaia’s tail led by Pierre with delight.
- I, too, so I want! You know, Kari, you are so quick to understand about all! Do all the adults peak in Cambria were the same?
- Thanks .. Well, basically, it all went not bad, but not everyone has had such an opportunity. I found it easier, I’m a princess. I was brought up in the upper stratum of our society. Your fiancee - “Princess Mermaid”, or rather, “The Frog Princess”! Even then I got a basic biological tertiary education. So here I was not hard to go back general education courses and add new knowledge. And I was fighting. We were attacking, I commanded the two hundred thousandth case and won … I am trained to fight the tail on the ground, although have not practiced …
- So you fight?
- Yes, of course, war. Basically, against the creatures, which I now call spriggino-trilobites. Do you remember the Vendian spriggin and the first trilobite? In the first trilobites in the Early Cambrian to recent data was a very large head, and Vendian spriggin - too. And I fight them, with “intermediate” between those and others! .. They were intelligent, almost like we … They lived in the waters of the equatorial continents and the continents themselves, and we both north and south, more in cooler latitudes. They are bred all sorts of unreasonable gregarious creatures, organized and used to their advantage. And tongues spriggino-trilobites were their own, only not such as ours - some clicking sounds. As a ratchet. In fact, the state spriggino-trilobites had membership in the then UN … But many of us felt it was a big mistake politicians!
- And then, too, was the UN? What do you think?
- No, I did not count. I participated in the battles and then killed my mom … because I could not be objective.
- A second moon, Curry, what was it?
- It was almost round, the apparent diameter of less than the present one. Incidentally, the current moon was clearly closer to the Earth - the apparent diameter was greater than now. And that, second, the small moon moved in a complex, almost elliptical inclined orbit at an altitude of twenty thousand to two hundred thousand miles, but the orbit of drifting and extreme values of the distance and apogee changed. Sometimes it also happens that rose in the west, and then again in the same sit. And the apparent diameter clearly changed - it is approached, it was moved away. Because of this moon we basically could not go into space. Our astrophysics many times its predicted schism within the lobe. So it is now called. All the while waiting for Doomsday … But before he usually does not occur. And just before my abduction was also such a prediction … Then suddenly disappeared many thousands of staff circumpolar Academic town - almost all highly educated intellectuals …
- I guess. They were kidnapped aliens from a UFO, like you!
- Yes … I went there with a group of Emergency Service team, which was commanded, but there was that … all of us - and my squad, and all paleontologists seized their families - grabbed power manipulators and placed discoid on a shuttle.
- Okay. I like this thought. Now I understand why your genome so close to the current human. It’s simple: a small moon was supposed to bomb the Earth for its fragments, and the aliens, saving the Cambrian earthly humanity before the crash! Found a comfortable place where there were many educated people and seized them! And then many thousands of vehicles were scattered in different corners of the universe at different distances from the near-light speed, and relativistic time dilation! And somewhere in other parts of our galaxy and nearby galaxies, at different moments of the brakes and started back! Then, on his return, about every two to three million years let your stolen! Well, and returned home safely find the form, as you now! And it maintained its Pikaias-specificity, providing crossability!
- Kari, we put together the heavens.
- Yes! I guessed! And in the last millennium, these landings increased. Maybe that’s why now is the rise of civilization?
- And an incredible likeness of your mitochondrial DNA with the mtDNA of modern humans suggests that about 100,000 years ago, a close relative of yours was great-the mother of the Cro-Magnon!
- It’s very interesting! Is that why the Cro-Magnon was a global matriarchy! Apparently, then across the globe was the “wave” selective patronage of offspring through the maternal line … That is, men everywhere in the expansion of choosing local, and female populations were replaced. Such was the case in Cambria! And yet, Pierre … now I like you already know, it dries, becoming morphologically modern humans. But only when I need this shirt with a black pebble … But really I do not have legs - until only the lobe-finned fins. And the tail somewhere disappears during transformation.
- I wonder where you visited? What’s wrong with us side by side at a distance of 265 million light years away?
- I do not know … And here’s that, Pierre. I remember how some fans of UFO research published on the website pictures of the remains of a UFO-navtov from downed flying object … If this is not fake, then I think they were not UFOnauts and stolen in Cambria pikaias, which tried to bring the aliens. Americans downed the object and the passengers were killed …
- Yes, sorry! Now, like the Americans did not bring down such objects. And these old pictures, even if it is not fake. Then there was the Cold War and any such object is considered a potential diversion of the enemy. Easy - terribly bad luck to them … and look like pikaias-men?
- Looked. Men with fish tails. Were all in this time-Pikaias men were killed in the first test of a thermonuclear device at Bikini Atoll.
- I’m sorry. This is a huge loss … Well, but now it looks like a man in Pikaias appeared the same! ..
- !..
- Kari, you’re much lighter than the day of arrival. Now you’re just barely dark! And on Skype, I saw you quite dark-skinned! How did that happen?
- Do you know how an octopus, or a chameleon changes its color? That, and I know how. I live in the skin of several types of pigmentocytes with pigments of different colors … Those that have the desired color me - flatten … I’m the color chosen by herself. Here, I clearly more is just a little dark.
- And you can become completely black or completely white?
- Even the blue, red, yellow, multicolored … Why? White will look bad. My blood is red and pastel blue for hemocyaninum and hemovanadium. Therefore, the normal slightly pinkish in color will not work … And when I was born, me and my brothers were hunting enemies, and we hid in psilofito-algae have a color mimicry that even the one friend could not distinguish!
- Blue Blood! I wonder … Here, it is clear where it came from our aristocracy is an expression! .. Yes, you are certainly not the first such …
- And yet I can pigmentocytes mimic the skin images, which can imagine, it turns out like a tattoo! And simulate make-up …

Maggie O’Brien quickly and professionally executed the bulk of his report, which discussed the hypothesis of jump processes of speciation in the intervention of some “relic artifacts,” referring to “systemic mutation” Carolina. Many of those present understood the essence of the report clearly begun to take a joke … Actually, Maggie’s well understood that without the visual Facts she will have difficulties. Repeat studies in Paris was nowhere. Therefore, in discussing the materials and methods of work done she decided to show everyone who was standing next to Carolina in its natural state, “accidentally” spraying with water. Carolina certainly have understood the situation and waiting for this moment. Maggie, who had been expecting a panic from Carolina, after the supposed transformation minute “silent stage”, apologized for the embarrassment and moved aside. But Caroline, deftly keep his balance, the audience remained standing on the curved arc of the tail, without contact lenses, wearing that same dress that was on it before the transformation. And while everyone who had a camera, video camera frantically rush to capture this miracle, politely greeted those present in several languages on behalf of all Pikaias-Mermaids from the Middle Cambrian …
By Maggie was approached by two elderly gentlemen, one of which was the one Australian businessman, whom Carolina had saved from a stroke after an accident. Another presented a certificate representing any special services the EU, asked briefly interrupt the report and brought into the lobby. The report, however, continued to Carolina.
- Chers Messieurs, je vous en supplie, ne pas m’entourer de trop pres, tu marches sur ma queue! Dear Sirs, I beg you, do not surround me too close, you tread on my tail! I will continue.
Present, some of which have not yet close gaping mouths, they returned to their seats.
Carolina completed a report is short but informative piece of conceptual meditation on neurogenic auto-morphogenesis in pikaias and Vendian zoofito-turbellarians.
Report ended with a standing ovation, although it is unclear what was applauded more: a good report, the fact of the speech at the forum of the earliest chordates, who arrived almost straight from the Proterozoic, or courage Carolina in such an extraordinary situation.
Leading invited to ask questions. Rose the forest of hands.
- Please, you have basically formed, or even build up its image? It remains, as I understand it, a foot and somewhere to hide the tail. But you do not … Mammals! This means … uh-uh …
- I have the warm-blooded mammals, although this is achieved is not genetically … This was my opportunity and I did it.
- And, pardon, gender …
- Aaaabsolutely … identical to the human …
- But you could specify exactly how you got here from the Cambrian?
- The exact answer would not venture to give yet. By some higher power is the reason it took.
- And you are a single peak, which was moved to the present?
- No, of course! Surely this happened several times before, long ago, and not so … In the last century in general such cases are more frequent … Here, recall at least on the different characters of folklore, fairy tales. And not just about mermaids. Black-headed lady from the legend of King Arthur, Aphrodite from sea foam, The Swan Princess of Pushkin’s fairy tales …
- And as the sounds of the Cambrian your name if it’s not a secret?
- Then they called me Ue Ooi.
- What are your plans? You do not plan to come to California? We have a great lab! .. And what are your plans tonight?
- Today I am busy, I’m getting married. And where further research … We have not decided yet. That’s where a month later, after the honeymoon …
After these words, Carolina has already occurred this dumb show.
Pierre took Kari into his arms and carried her into a wedding limousine. All the participants took to the sidewalk and began chanting: “Bravo!” And “Hurray!”.
Ue Ooi embraced Pierre and dropped her head on his shoulder. For the Limousine moved the process of inviting and invited guests, including from some nimble encountered the paparazzi.
Maggie O’Brien, a man strong-willed and determined, she realized that she had from under the nose gone main artifact of an academic career. She gathered her props and called Carolina to a mobile phone.
- Kari, I’m sorry.
- Well, you is you must forgive me. I left you in such an unpleasant situation … In fact, I use you.
- I do not know, maybe. But I want to congratulate you on a wonderful event! .. … you probably will not return to Australia? You know, I listened to your report, this is incredible stuff! .. Such a space to work! Will be simply enormous grants, and can develop a very strong team!
- Margaret, I do not know yet for sure whether I can participate in it, but I can promise you that this topic will evolve and your role in the research will be key. Major grants will be your team and will undoubtedly be the strongest in the world. You will be that research, believe me! And you deserve it.
- And what about your new piece of the report? We will publish it?
- If you do not mind … - but honestly, fifty percent of this fragment, basically, almost verbatim, from memory - the text of our ancient Cambrian textbook Developmental Biology …
- Huh? Interesting. Not a bad option. Yes, and you do not miss! .. Well, well, Cary-Pikaia! .. Thanks, and happy honeymoon! I congratulate your Pier! ..
- Kari unplug the phone and said:
- Maggie holds a stamp! Congratulated us and rewrites the article. But here, even those reporters! And they have all these juices, mineral water! They already know how to make me tailed … Pierre, my wedding dress is long enough … If anything, I wrap the tail, but you will have to be on my hands and in the mayor’s office, and to the altar!
- Nothing, my fish! I do not get used … and because you pay me later …
- And how!
The wedding turned out perfect, all been fun, mentally, but the next day … the whole European Union knew Carolina-Pikaia in the face. All media were given texts byley and fiction about mermaids from the Cambrian and everywhere multiplied her portraits. Came into fashion T-shirts with a picture of the larva Pikaias, and so on … No camouflage with dark glasses and a change of clothes did not help. In Paris, everywhere there were a lot of people recognize her and she almost always was the object of attention.

Had another bad moment. Pierre and Kari was ambassador to Australia in person and informed that in connection with the new circumstances it should be about her citizenship somewhere to give some explanations and to make changes … But it is not deprived of citizenship - but there was a formal legal conflict that must be be solved immediately … Otherwise, its Australian friends could be trouble … Kari wrote and gave his explanation of Ambassador of the subjective assessment of her years of living since birth. Also pointed out a place in Australia, the former in the Cambrian shallow shelf, that was the central city of southern metropolis and tried to determine the memory location of a large city underwater cemetery … mother’s name in the statement of the passport is still in Alice Springs, complemented by a dash of the real name of its present mother - Eua Ooi and his father’s name just wrote a real, since the metric was blank … However, Australian lawyers have clearly set back mermaid Ue Ooi in Australia, so that all the unpleasant moments clearly intended simply “pull the brakes on the soft” …
Honeymoon, so not to disrupt. Kari and Pierre decided to travel around Europe in for rent Peugeot. Taxiing at a time … highways, high-speed motorway, Hotel … Scored cars of the city, the limitless fines for violations of parking regulations … But now they are rarely recognized, and they belonged to each other!
Recalling past events, Ue Ooi fell asleep and saw a nightmare with heavily armed spriggino-trilobites, which were prepared to attack her and Pierre - unarmed and surrounded in the dense urban impasse, which for some reason was under water … Pierre had pikaias-tail-fin, hard hugged her, stroked her head and said: - “Wake up, wake up, do not cry!”
- Pierre, I have dreamed a scary movie. This is not good. You know, all we have a little too good at it … Normally in life that does not happen! ..
- Calm down. If you are in trouble, we will survive them all together and support each other.
- Yes, Pierre …

1. Wedding in the Sargasso

2. Princess of the Cambrian

3. Mermaid in the European Union

4. Amazon of Sea

5. Loch Ness; Cambrian Crown of Kings

Shipping to Australia Icon of Australia

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