5. Loch Ness; Cambrian Crown of Kings.

Gerard’s car was traveling on a highway in the fog along the shore of Loch Ness and friends looking for a convenient lonely place. However, such places were numerous, but they somehow did not suit Ue Ooi. She seemed to be looking for something, not knowing really what.
- Here it is! Stop!
- Why here?
- I do not know … But we have here!
Came out of the car and approached the shore. Not far away in the mist of the water was stuck at an angle beam, and the water rose a small stone, covered with moss.
Pierre in his dressing-gown went into the water, it was wearing a T-shirt Ue Ooi with a black pebble. Nothing happened, Pierre remained with his family down and has not acquired any of the caudal fin, or gill. Ue Ooi also went into the water …
- Pierre! .. Quickly out of the water!
She looked at the log, which has ceased to be a log and stone, which was not a stone. What was the log, was articulate band that rose above the water for three to four meters, topped by two pairs of large yellow eyes with round pupils, and tentacles with hooks, and “stone” shape-shifting, as giantskaya amoeba and also watched by three pairs huge eye-observatories.
- Oh! This is the monster of Loch Ness!? Poiznes James.
- UUEE OO-OI? - Rang out over the lake Loch Ness. It said the “rock” - an amoeba.
- You … Who?
- Calm down, girl. We are not enemies. We are enemies of your enemies and friends of your friends. - Answered in English articulates tape with her eyes - I am Charnia-turbellaria of the late Wendy, but here it is - Proteus, pre-Vendian Myxomyceta.
- Ahh … Wow .. And you brought back here! I’m shocked …
- Wow, live polimetameric turbellaria of Venda … This Living vendobiont! And here it is - bilateral symmetry of glide reflection! - Pierre said, half-whisper. But turbellarians had excellent hearing.
- We’re like a chat, Pierre, if you do not mind! I, too, somewhere paleontologist … We live now in the Mariana Trench and other very deep places. And to you, Ue Ooi, we have seen once in Australia!
Ue Ooi remembered two old Aborigines with unusual electrical images, halos.
- Yes, I remember, I was very scared! ..
- Are you looking for the remote Cambrian ancient kings? Here it is, take it.
- What? The crown of ancient kings? It was a gift from heaven aliens. But he’s in my time was many hundreds of years, lost!
- And we have found the artifact in this time on the bottom off the coast of Hindustan. We found him under a layer of silt near the mouth of the river Indus in the decayed ancient Greek ship. Now it is yours. And now you can fly like aliens to defend from attack to attack itself and make your husband tailed-gill-breathing! !
- You once knew how to look for me?
- We in Europe have seen you on your aura. You are a very electro-active. The more that you, in fact, and she was looking for us … Really?
- Thank you … Yes, I was looking for you, though, and did not realize this - Ue Ooi took the crown - Goodbye … or even see each other?
- More friends! We are, after all, people too. Although it is hermaphroditic …

- “In the area of the Azores archipelago combat unit the U.S. Navy attacked the military unit called the Army The people of the Ocean - militant mermaids. Mermaids, the former has recently heroes of fairy tales and legends, like devils, dwarves elves, trolls and others - were now a real force, which entered into competition with humanity in the struggle for the globe. The fight was short but fierce, was severely damaged the USS, the four crew members abducted from a vessel through the hole from the blast. It is assumed that all four of the abducted mermaids simply eaten for dinner. Retaliation from the guided missile cruiser was laid a large group of pseudo-homo Aquaticuss, it is assumed that the enemy suffered heavy losses in the area are searching the corpses of enemies to study them in U.S. academic institutions. Investigation is underway on the supply of modern weapons the enemy of humanity “- announcer” JUS News “went on to another topic.
- All that mess is brewed. Need internet!
Ue Ooi terribly worried.
Gerard forgotten, left to right lane, which in England - the counter, and then sharply back.
- Always remember about the drive on the left!
Oncoming car headlights blinked and started to pick up speed again.
- There should be online at all roadside eatery - James said. - By the way, in the light of these events - we do not advisable to go to Ullapool. There may be a United States Navy.
The Internet was in an internet cafe.
- Sam, hello, where Eo Iu?
- Aio, Ue Ooi! Well, finally! Eo Iu with a group of mermaids pull out Sargasso American submarine missile. Here our girls have had him in captivity, but decided to release for good behavior!
- And where are the sailors who were pulled from the downed ship? And as it was hit?
- Oio Iu fits into it his own torpedo, and the sailors pulled medics-girl France. All four are alive and well. Think up the Seine to Paris - have to look you and Pierre. There commanding Oio Iu and with Peter! Pete “connected” to one medics-girl and they are swimming at a depth of half-hundred meters. At Oio Iu - Australian passport! Knives successfully unloaded in the Azores in the shallow bank, there some do not get along with the Yankees, who wanted to prevent. Now, all armed and equipped with fashionable uniforms and ready to sail to Australia.
- Do we have lost?
- It seems everything is alive. Oio Iu - heroine! She opened one of the controlled torpedoes hands! If not it … shot at Peter and five medics-girls.
- She could die!
- It’s a feat! - Added James.
After leaving the cafe, have to decide where to go next.
- There, in the north, wild places, a lot of private property, but there are some roads.
- Let’s go!
Meadows, hills covered with heather grove with a dense shrubby understory, which poked small wild rabbits and foxes … It was evening and decided to stay in a small hotel in a small village not far from the sea. The landlady had all of their rooms, where the maid had just finished cleaning.
- Pierre, come with me! ..
- Where?
- For one maid, when she goes home.
Went far enough away so as not to arouse suspicion. The maid went through the village, walked along the roadside and then turned onto a footpath along the fence and walked towards the sea. Not far from the beach behind a wooden fence in the light of the lantern was an old lonely rural Scottish home. At the gate Ue Ooi called to her maid.
- Oh, who is it? What you need! - Blue-eyed girl anxiously looked at Caroline and Pierre.
- Sorry, I need your mom.
- She can not … She was ill and did not communicate!
- With me she wants to talk to. I Ue Ooi from Southern Megapolis.
From the house a woman came out, walked to the gate … and cried.
- Ue, my dear, you’re here too!
- And you … Oee Aie, you were in my army, then, in the Cambrian!
- Yes, and then got on a plantation in an orphanage and lived there and worked for fifteen years … Then they all tried to escape from the impending giant tsunami, but the tsunami was the height of a kilometer, it looms like a mountain and buried the edge of the sun … the water has receded from the bottom and entire shelf of Southern Megapolis temporarily became dry land! Then me and two other girls with bare seabed captured aliens - and after a long confinement thrown into this ocean. But we first held one after the other, rested … had the first one - scientist from the Academy of Sciences, and the hole closed. Then again opened, fell another - kadet Artillery School, and I resist … And then kicked me.
- And then what?
- And then? Climbed up on the shore and found me, Jack MacLaren … This is his house. At first he loved me, then fell out of love when I grow legs and reduced tail, and then again fell in love … But do not throw … a few times started to drink, I was treating him, threw a drink, then started again, again treated … Always walk with just anyone, sometimes beats me, when drunk … but he works hard, cares about us.
- And the children?
- Four daughters on the land, and twelve guys in the sea …
- In the sea? How’s that?
- They have developed into guys, mermaids. I mean, Ue, I was afraid of any medical examination required for the guys … and gave birth to them in the sea. There they grew up in an underwater grotto. We help them with my daughters quietly … And they catch netting cod, Jack, it is a restaurant …
- Okay, Oee Aie, now we go to sleep, and tomorrow will get acquainted with your children. You know, the world is about three hundred and forty thousand mermaids, and I’m now the Queen.
- What? Ue Ooi, you are at war again?
- Now I am reconciled. But in the world right now things are not really right, you may have trouble. They should be prevented.
- You know, that I still remember the fact that the world is wrong … My boys had once met with a mermaid from the Baltic Sea when they were just kids. And then from there sailed a very sick mermaid, said that they are all there is strongly poisoned by something and died herself. Her eyes widened at all, she did not eat anything, fell into a stupor, heard nothing and said nothing, and then died.
- Yes, in the Baltic Sea mermaid can not live without. Peter said that in the Baltic Sea someone once dumped chemical weapons stockpiles. Whether mustard gas, or something else …

The next morning, left the village and went to the sea. Carolina decided to wear a crown and long considered it a second thought.
- And why do the ceremony? - Asked Pierre, whom Carolina prudently dressed today in her old dress uniforms - like, I try on first?
- One has already tried on once. And then very quickly died.
- Who’s that?
- Alexander of Macedon. The Indians have inspired him that he was godlike and worthy … But he was not Pikaias King. And this remote kill him.
- And this is the same crown?! Give us at least, hold it! Such a moment! Well, we have and the journey turned out!
- Wait, Pierre, the main still to come! Then look at it. In the meantime, get away for a hundred meters.
- Why? Okay, already moving away.
Pikaias Queen put on her head ancient crown. The sun peeked out of the corner from behind the hill and lit up the black stones on it. In Carolina’s knees buckled and she sat on the heather.
Pierre ran to shore, but pushed Carolina.
- No, everything is under control. Pierre … Hold on while in the distance. Something is happening. This crown is something that has now become a part of me … Now I know how … I know how much of what never dreamed! These are powerful technologies that are subject to me now! Pierre, I can … I can do from the air or water, a flying saucer! Can I do this exactly the manipulator as the one that I was abducted from the Cambrian shallow water! - Ue Ooi was worried and went to comprehend their new opportunities.
- I can make you a mermaid-man! There is such a technology. … Only for this should go to … stranger-observer of the Moon! Now I know what it is. And these nano-objects that make my legs from the tail fin - its nano-landing! You need the same …
- Do, Kari! And do not waste time. In my opinion, somewhere behind the hills a few flying helicopters. It could be Americans.
- It is not immediately done. - Ue Ooi focused. Approached James Hugh and Gerard. A minute later the sky appeared pale point. Another minute, and she grew up in a well-discernible circle.
- Somewhere I’ve seen … - “James said, - Yes, I remember. It’s in the movie Carpenter, “Starman” - alien ship! I wonder why such a similarity?
- Would have asked Carpenter … - advised Gerard - than he was guided by when it is invented! Or did not invent? ;)
Helicopters with identifying marks JUS Army, was ejected from behind the hill, flew back.
- Pierre, get back to the thirty paces! ..
- Pierre moved away and stood looking at a hovering height of a giant object.
Roy nano-paratroopers, visible as a cloud of fog, dropped from a height and stared into the body of Pierre. Pierre hardly restrained not to scream in pain while landing distributed in its tissues … Near Pierre lay gleaming crimson glow of a new crystal, similar to what was his wife.
- Now you need my mesenchyme-cytes. Nano-landing need information about the device gene memes fins and gills, and in your genome, no such information, but it is in my cells.
Pierre obediently gave Carolina a hand and she, having wound himself, and he, combined them, sing their distinctive song, the quiet.
- Well, now we go to sea!
- Wait! - James said - there’s one idea! I do not now fly to the States, and having lived in Edinburgh. Here I bought a pair of new maps for gamers with new phone numbers. Remember them, and you can occasionally find me here! And no one will know about it.
- Good idea. What do I do? - Gerard was a little disappointed - Okay, I’ll be back in Paris, and my phone you know … Pierre, do not forget the old man! Maybe I will ever give your wife her mesenchyme-cytes …
- Oh … - Ue Ooi embarrassed - Yes, my friends! Sure! Thank you for everything! Gerard, stay a week or two in Edinburgh! I’m with you Hugh approached our medic-girls and they heal you both the best possible way! If you do not wait, I’m very upset! Oh, and the Queen, when the case would not hurt to improve your health … And then, something her heirs somehow does not inspire optimism …
Pierre and Kari went into the water … and a couple of minutes had tail fins and gills …
- You know, Hugh, as I now will always be terribly sorry? - What did not become a mermaid too, and swam away with them now …
- Yes, and I also had the idea. But I thought so - and because “the train is still here,” Hugh! Anything can still happen, but a little later! Be patient, old Gerard! Our time will come yet, and we dive into the Mariana Trench to the gills and tail fins!

So Pierre became a true Homo Aquaticus, or, as say - Triton. Ue Ooi was at the top of delight! It has come true Cambrian dream, she sailed with her husband at sea in an embrace, and it was her honeymoon! How many hours they are frolicking off the coast of Scotland? Time flew by itself, and they swam side by side - on their own …
Pierre did not understand the words pikaias song-talk Ue Ooi, but well understood meaning.
Finally, Carolina made a finger gesture - up!
- Pierre, the sun was at its zenith, and we should all look to our boys, mermaids! Maybe they have, we spend the night before the march!
Find guys, mermaids was not difficult. Here, the same underwater cave, underwater pile of garbage from cans and old pieces of torn nets … in the grotto - all twelve guys in a white silk shirt and plaid Scottish Kiltu, huddled in the corners and cautiously looking at the Kari and Pierre.
- Hi guys! Can be to you? - Asked Carolina in English, using a specially gill covers.
- Hello, Queen, swim … - said one of the guys in the same way.
- You here is not boring? Maybe swim with us?
- Do not boring … We’re used to.
- And the future? And will be here to hide? You need to be normal people, its citizens, get an education, have their own family!
- Mom says it’s not for us … On the ground, we do not wait!
- It is possible now and in the sea.
- Lady Queen … you’ll excuse us, but we will not obey … We used to live here, and we still have to get by … In general, anything you do not work with us.
- Get the boys.
- No, I do not even try. You are - in themselves, we - by themselves!
- Okay, wait and see. Pierre, I am not interested here overnight. Such a mess lit! I do not know if they can be re. In Cambria boys was much less than girls and they tried very hard to educate, and these generally lost! Do not worry, we’ll think of something.
Decided not to sleep, and swim rapidly once at night around Ireland in the English Channel to the shores of France to seize the party Oio Iu in the Bay of Seine.
At night all the same a couple of hours slept on the sea surface, embracing the light of the full moon - the sea was very calm, which, in general, a rarity for these places … Happy again sailed with a few stops. I developed the habit of Pierre krepatura and he was very tired. So sailed the evening and again slept on the surface. On the third day they arrived to the bay of Seine. In the Gulf was an American squadron, and at the bottom lay a submarine. Once sailed out to sea and began to swim along the shore, Ue Ooi from time to time shouting in the ultrasonic range. A few hours later came the answer, and soon Ue Ooi have to embrace the Oio Iu and Pierre embraced Peter immediately with his embarrassed medic-girl!
- Can not tell, we all know! Oio, you were great! Now we know how we build battle tactics! Remember the telephones of Mr James Hugh in Edinburgh, you should find it, girls medic-girls necessarily have to treat him and Mr. Gerard, and if they will arrange a meeting with the Queen of Great Britain - then offer it to her! Bring out there and those injured, you need to the United Kingdom presented their world through the British, Australian or Canadian media. Yes, the Americans had already announced in its media that the four wounded you ate for lunch!
- Those injured are now our friends!
- That’s great! We need to become our friends all earthlings. And we give them almost all the friends are now.
- Where are you now?
- We are in the Sargasso, teach militia. This should be an ideal matrix combat, but will have a lot and hard work.
- And we’re not even stopping here together, at least a couple of hours?
- Not stopping here and half-hours. Firstly, it is dangerous, we can detect, and secondly - we have very little time. In the Sargasso already visited an American submarine in most children’s tents! James and Gerard will tell you everything - they are up to date.
- Good-bye and good luck!
- Associated flow!

Detachment Oio Iu two days sailing around the British Isles on the same long path that Ue Ooi and Pierre, but in the opposite direction, too, spent the night on the surface of the calm sea. Finally appeared on the coast near Edinburgh. Wounded sailors finally, on a quiet sea surface unblock noses and mouths, so they smoothed out the lungs, which were controlled by the armies of pikaias kompetento-cytes. It was necessary that did not develop pneumonia.
- Hello! - Mermaid-cured medic-girl smiling sailor. - I’m your doctor. You are now a very healthy!
- I initially thought that he was captured by vampires! :) I am now unleash?
- Yes, now when I turn off my extra circulation from your central vessels - we get unwrapped.
- And, then, we swaddled together … That’s it, I feel as comfortable as ever in my life! And we can not share? Just kidding …
- Now you go on shore, and we might go back.
- My name is Andy Cunningham.
- I Ieoi Uiiu, glad to meet you.
- Where can I find you?
- I’ll swim to Australia to receive citizenship.
- I can you find there?
- I do not know … I have nothing now I do not know. Sailing are we living up to Australia. With your ship fired torpedoes at us, and our Oio Iu so swam from torpedoes that she landed in your vehicle. But we saved you! You were seriously injured under water, and none of your you are not saved.
- Ieoi Uiiu … Ieoi - a name, and Uiiu - name?
- Yes, in general … But we are by that name - three hundred and forty thousand.
Do you want to change the name? Cunningham, you would fit! Ieoi Cunningham!
- Are you serious?
- Absolutely. I am from San Francisco, but I’ll go look for you in Australia. If you’re going alive and wait me …
- Do you still have to get to San Francisco and resign from the army.
- After the captivity, I would be fired immediately.
- Well, what … If so, then fly to Australia and there waiting for me! ..
Medic-girls at the coast separated from its limited to users, and Peter, Peter got to the embankment, took off his suit, then shorts and shirt, pressed them well, possibly smoothed and re-clothed. Revealed the waterproof case and took out the money card mobile phone, and got down to business … Buy CellPhones, recharge to call a special number …
- Mr James Hugh? This is Peter Schwartz, a representative of the mermaids we are in port with four American sailors cured! In the port are Leyt Oio Iu, ten militian mermaids and five-medic-mermaids!
- Got it! Wait for the port! Be closer to the coast, somewhere near Ocean Center!
Peter returned to the shore and stood by what he saw pictures. In the port there were American ships approached the shore landing craft with the U.S. Marines, all the mermaids got to the embankment and jumped away from the sea, and around the crowds of sympathizers. Rescued American sailors quickly tell others my story, people retell it to each other, and many stopped calling for mobilkom. The port began to gather students. The Marines landed on the quay, but people were already many times more, many held hands and stood in the wall.
The shore pulled up several cars with police, special service Britain as well as Gerard’s car, which sat still and James. Mermaids, four American sailors, Peter and James seated in a police car and taken to City Hall, which was cordoned off by British soldiers and special-red-tape-monger. The mayor’s office of profit is the Edinburgh representative of Australia, and started discussing something with Oio Iu, met reporters in the British media. Mermaids, sailors, Peter and James met in a conference room, where seated.
- Note, statement to the press representatives of Australia!
All the guard, room bristling set of microphones, cameras and photo flashes photo-flash.
- Hello, Gentlemen! In Edinburgh the group of competitors came from a friendly Australian citizenship to the United Kingdom Nation Ocean! Now, all applicants will receive application forms and will fill them! And now a few words to say, an Australian citizen Oio Iu!
Hall burst into applause.
- Hello, Britannia! Lady and Gentlemen, I Oio Iu, an Australian citizen. A week ago, people waited for the sea shipment of special hunting knives from the Krupp steel manufacturing company who generously donated to us, these knives, we need to get across the Atlantic, then - Indian and then - a little over the Pacific Ocean to Australia and on the way to defend themselves against the terrible sea predator - sharks and giant octopus!
Oio Iu drank water and went.
- But for some reason this has led to a strange misunderstanding, during unloading of knives on our female workers attacked an American warship! Why do some of us fired three torpedoes, which nearly killed us, and then to another ship - the missile cruiser fired a volley of missiles at us! We miraculously survived and there were no casualties. But as a result of firing torpedoes one of them turned around in pursuit of … personally I accidentally hit the gunman himself a ship! There was a great hole into which the water gushed out. We have first aid and connect badly wounded four minders to additional circulation of our medical workers! All the sailors were operated on, two men made cephalotrypesis, one fully restored badly damaged eye, all things are alive and well and ready to continue their service in the U.S. Army.
- Tell me why you did not give injured seamen once the Americans?
- It’s because we were afraid of their unpredictability. And I think it’s even better. American medicine is far inferior to our own capacities. These Sailors, it would not save!
- A report on their fate you somehow could? They in fact have relatives who have experienced a lot!
- Here, just now unveiled the first such opportunity - and we will inform you.
In mermaids, which were quite literate and had a Sargasso learn to write, and collected statements from questionnaires and form filling.
- Peter Schwartz, tell me why you did not obey the Americans, who arrested the cargo, and made his reception-transmission, as well as organized unloading?
- Representatives of the U.S. has verbally announced that they intend to arrest the cargo. That is, there was no written administrative regulations, no seizures of documents! And then just saying nothing, left the ship! And in the sea you know how - the day of downtime - a fine, fine! I’m not Rockefeller, you know, that so waste money! Even Rockefeller could hardly began to hesitate in my place!
- Clearly, it is accepted.
- So … What has brought?
All fifteen mermaid brought and handed over a receipt for an Australian passport of Teflon, laminated to the waterproof membrane, then the representatives of the Royal Family have announced that all of the little mermaid are invited to work in a special clinic in London … Oio Iu offered a place on the Australian representative of the mermaids in the UK under the auspices of the Royal Family . Peter Schwartz quietly “let go”, then flinging the Americans hands and shrugging his shoulders … Peter three days later was in Sydney. James and Gerard specially invited to London, at the request of the mermaids, where they are substantially corrected health …

In Canberra passed an emergency session of Parliament. Ue Uuei doing a report on behalf of mermaids Australia.
- Dear Australians, Lady and Gentlemen! Australia is wonderful, hospitable country, took us, the people of the Ocean citizens and awaits the arrival of all the mermaids of the globe, to give them the documents that will provide real mermaids civil rights. Strange, but other countries - the most advanced and freest in the world - the U.S., for some reason does not welcome this truly humane and forward-looking process, making far-fetched pretexts to attack civilians, unarmed toilers of the Ocean, which are prepared to relocate to Australian shores. Hunting knives, which mermaids are preparing to repel the attack of marine predators to dangerous road in Australia for some reason was ascribed to the category of super-modern weapons, and suppliers outlawed and expelled from the markets controlled by the United States! Now mermaids Sargasso Sea - girls 16 to 18 years of age, except for protection against sharks, it is necessary to prepare to defend against a massive attack of Navy USA! And the hardest thing in this case - to avoid any casualties on both sides! To do it is not easy, especially when the other side adheres to the opposite goal - indiscriminate destruction of the enemy! We do not accept a declaration of war and declare the U.S. - the world! All of our actions on the way to Australia will be dictated solely by measures to ensure only the minimum necessary defense.

1. Wedding in the Sargasso
2. Princess of the Cambrian
3. Mermaid in the European Union
4. Amazon of Sea
5. Loch Ness; Cambrian Crown of Kings
Часть 6. Бермудский Треугольник.

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